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Friday, May 14, 2010

Mossy fungi

It has been a rather cold wet spring around here.  Hard to get a garden going, it is not good to attempt to dig the soil up when it is so soggy.  Other things are growing quite well, as you can see by these photos of moss covered fence posts.  I hope you have time to click on these photos to view these miniature natural gardens up close.

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Tanya said...

Very pretty pictures. I like the one with the barbed wire!

yoborobo said...

Beautiful pics, Jan! I love moss. It is like looking at a miniature garden. :) Happy weekend! xo

Marlene said...

Quite beautiful, I must confess I tend to overlook the beauty in the moss. I suppose I take it for granted as there is so much of it in our area.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

these pictures are great! we don't have moss in our area, but i remember it from a few places i used to live. i have never taken the time to look at it this close. it's really cool and they do look like miniature gardens.

April said...

Jan, the first one (with the orange tips) remind me of your "Monet's Garden) least I think that's what you named it, but I'm referring to your beaded bracelet. All those caterpillar-type tips on that bracelet look just like this growth. And the middle photo looks almost like it could have been taken underwater, with little sea anenomes swaying in the current. Cool beans, Jan!

Tam Hess said...

Awe, gotta love Oregon. We are having some nice weather here in Beaverton. But the moss in the back yard is rampant! Hugs, Tam

Robbie said...

Sure look like these pics are a great start for beading!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

I love your photos and I have always loved the Mosses and how beautiful it is up close. I use to have a glass jar garden years ago and I would add some moss to my terrarium amongst the little plants, such a lovely fresh smell.Been wanting to make another one recently.
Oh I have to tell you...I have a Carolina Wren in my hanging flower basket out front of my house by the garage...the babies were born sometime friday and mom and dad are busy feeding them, I think there are about 5 babies. They built their nest smack in the middle of the wonderful. I am going to try take a picture very carefully.

I sent something out to you on Saturday!! :D

Hugs and laughter,


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The mosses are incredible! I love different ones; mom used to gather pieces of different types and then we would put them in a dish, over rocks and make a moss garden.
When you look at them up close, they are so different and intricately beautiful!!! Look like they are from another planet. ;)


Marie S said...

Oh Geesh Jan these are fantastic little worlds to visit.
Such beautiful picutres.
I love moss.
Have a wonderful week dear one.

Elena said...

Hi Jan and thank you for stopping by my blog to enter my anniversary giveaway. That Anne is too sweet to send people over! I love love the moss photos and your Madonna beadwork piece. I will be by more often and do hope to see you around my blog too. Thanks again! Elena of MyQuest

maggi said...

I can see an embroidered piece in several of these lovely photos.

sonja said...

what lovely photos of nature and oh, the moss! thanks for sharing,
be well, sonja