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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More journaling

Sometimes I feel this way.

And other days I feel this way.

Beginning of pages.

Further along but not finished.

I made some Valentine Tags for some friends, here are a few of them.
Happy Valentines Day to all my friends.
Be well.
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Elena said...


June said...

A seven-crow story -- I can't wait. I have many crow stories, some really about me, others really about them. They accompany me a lot.

audrey said...

Hi Jan. You've been doing some extensive journaling and it looks like you've enjoyed it. I find it really interesting seeing what people draw/paint in journals.
Your Valentine heart tags are sweet ~ you are so thoughtful, always making things for others.
Happy Valentine's Day, my friend.

Marilyn said...

Love 'em All!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Unknown said...

Jan, I like this,

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I can hardly see you as a create works of color and pure creation. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

I love your journal pages!!
Sometimes I feel all of those things in one day!!

Your heart tags are great!!!

Hugs to you,


Uta said...

Love the pages Jan!!!! And love talking at you too ;)

Maggi said...

I'm finding your journal pages fascinating Jan. Love the valentine tags.

maddyrose said...

I really enjoy seeing your journal pages. I think what I like most about your work is the way you use color. The tote bag you made for me is so full of life from the different fabrics and all of the colors you combined to make it. I wish I could make as bold of choices when I create. Have fun journaling.

Lisa Criswell said...

hi, jan :) it's been a while. as always, i love what you create. you have such a way with textures, colors and images. love the journaling!

april said...

Love your journal! So colorful and interesting!

Laura said...

Hi Jan, I've wanted to share this with you about the meaning of crows I found in the book list below.

1 crow stands for- regrets
2 crows-Happiness
3 crows- Pure love
4 crows-gifts
5 crows-received riches.
6 crows difficulties
7 crows- bad luck
8 crows- journey
9 crows- Secrets
10 crows-sorrow
11 crows-Sweet
12 crows blessings

The book is called “Crows” by Heidi Holder. The book is a recreation of an old folklore passed down from her grandfather; sharing the meaning of crows and the number in which you might see them. She shares that the originally folklore was about Magpies.