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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Latest beaded heart and Dooleybobber#9

 I finally made a beaded heart for myself.  What better charm than a Pit Bull smiling face?  A Laughing Dog, in other words!  Thanks to Martha for the silver charm.
I tried my hand at making a beaded bead.  It turned out all right but if I were to make this particular bead again I would choose different colors.  It is called a Caterpillar bead.  I found the instructions in The Art and Elegance of Beadweaving, a book by Carol Wilcox Wells.  Lots of diverse patterns in that book, from easy to difficult.  This was fairly easy if you are a patient person and can work tiny.
Here is Dooleybobber #9.  It is about 6"x6"  Like the others it is needle felted on top of white wool batting.  Hand embroidered, beaded, embellished.  I love the combination of that bright orange and hot pink.

This section shows some buttons I stitched down surrounding a bit of beaded fringe that comes out of a copper washer with a flower shaped bead on top.  I enjoy doing beaded fringe.
That little golden guy was a gift from April.  It's cute and seemed to fit right in to this piece.  The round gold piece in the center with the leaf shape on it is from a wine bottle foil.

Above is a paper clay thing I made using a rubber stamp, then I painted it and poked holes in it so I could stitch it down.
I love the way the beads flow through this section.

Above is a little zippered cloth grocery bag I made.  Looks like you could maybe carry a candy bar in it.

Surprise!  It opens up to be this size.

Inside it is lined and has this little pocket for receipts.  Closes with a zipper. I bought the pattern from Studio Cat Designs.  I will probably make a bunch more of these and other bags to give away.  And to keep.  I like to use them while shopping, it is a matter of remembering to bring them into the store with me.  This design folds up so nicely, it can fit into a large purse.

I've been entranced with music by The Tallest Man on Earth recently.  Great lyrics and interesting guitar tunings.  Acoustic folk music.  The link will take you to his Myspace page and you can listen to his songs there.  If you listen, let me know what you think.

Until next time, I hope you all are enjoying some fine autumn weather as I am.  Be well.

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Bunny said...

Love your new beaded heart looks like you sure are having fun with your beads buttons and felting. Love them all.

Marlene said...

The heart is beautiful and the dooleybobber is another winner. The grocery bag is a great idea, I always forget to bring mine with me. I should keep them in the car then I would have them.

Carol said...

You have been busy!! Nice bead work. Your Laughing Dog heart would make a great Avatar!!

Nancy said...

The beaded heart... lovely! Every one is fun to see, so unique. And the Dooleybobber...beautiful. You must have a fascinating collection of beads and embellishments!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i reeeaaallly love your little hard with the dog pendant! your dooleybobber has great colors and it is so fun to look at all the interesting little aspects of it. great grocery sack too. i keep thinking that i should have some of those instead of using all those plastic bags that i do. i bought a nice one once, but guess what it is now? a bead bag! lol. one of these days i'm going to have to try a beaded bead. i like the look of them, but have no clue on how to do them. i hope your weekend is going well jan.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Ya know Jan, I think you could take a nothing and make a marvelous something out of it with both eyes tied behind your back....yous amazing. I love it too many. The Olde Bagg

Robbie said...

You're right! The 'smiling' dog is perfect for you and I love the pin!! Perfect and glad you now have one of your very own! Plus, it does fit you doesn't it. I even made hubby ride in the car to farmer's market with me today. Just too beautiful for him to sit in the house. He didn't get out and walk as it was too far but at least he had sun roof open and got to see the beautiful fall leaves! My favorite time of the year!

Anja said...

What a nice heart! Looks like made for you or for Rockey? Perhaps a little bit also for him. Your zipper is very nice made looks really like a handbag first. A lot of movement in your Dooleybobber this time. Have a nice week!

Marie S said...

I love the charm, it is perfect for you!!
Have a great week dear one and keep up the wonderful work!!

yoborobo said...

I love your new piece, with the hot pink and orange. Just gorgeous!! And your beaded heart is so cute - perfect for you. :) I love your grocery bag, and you are right, now we just have to remember to take them with us! I am getting better...slowly. lol! xox - Pam

Heloise said...

Lovely pink and orange piece, those two colours go together so well.

April said...

I love your heart, Jan. And the pit bull charm is perfect for you! Perfect touch! I'm surprised there isn't a bit more ORANGE on this heart, tho. I really like your 'bead', too. Hoping you'll give us a little workshop on just how to make it. ??? Your Dooleybobber #9 is cool, too, Jan. Lots of orange, and brilliant pink! The little azteca guy looks great! I like the little leaf, too. Your paper clay piece looks good on there. As for your shopping cool! Can't believe how small it starts and then how big it gets. Perfect for shopping! Great gift idea, just in time for the holiday.

Approachable Art said...

The Dooleybobber is so charming! :D

Emma said...

Love your bits & pieces, great laughing dog & that little man. Cafe looks great & what fab gifts you're getting!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Ya Jan!!

Dooleybobber #9 is sooooo sweet...Love the Bull Dog he is adorable! Your stitching and bead work is absolutely lovely....You are such
a creative laday!!
Ahhh you finaly have a heart pin of your own..I am sure it will look good on you!!

Hey kiddo, I am having a 100 follower giveaway...come on over okey dokey?

Love and Hugs,


Perlenkatze said...

Hi Jan,

I'm very facinated by all your cerativity. That dogi heart is so beautiful, aks well is the Dooleybobber #9 . The idea of the shoping bag ist fantastic.
I wish you a beautiful, stressless and creative week and weekend.
^Q° Hugs°Q^

maggi said...

The beaded heart is so right for you. Another lovely Dooleybobber and what an amazing bag.

audrey said...

Hello O Creative One!
Jan, you are amazing. Creativity just oozes out of you ALL THE TIME!! Your home has to be so colorful and filled with all the things you make. I love it.
Your newest dooleybobber is as pretty as all the rest. I love that little aztec guy on there. I am a lover of Aztec and Mayan things.
Your little dog charm is wonderful and looks great on your beaded heart ~ so nice that you made one for yourself.
The bag is a good idea. It helps if you remember to take them with you. Several months ago, I purchased a few "green" shopping bags and I have yet to remember to take them into the store with me. I guess I need to carry a very large handbag so I can put them in it. LOL.
Have a lovely Fall weekend, my friend.
♥ audrey

artymess said...

Jan the heart with the dog is adorable and the colours on the dooleybobber are so delicious ...x

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Jan, I love your heart with the laughing dog. It is so neat.

There is a Scotty Froggy Blog Award to pass on to someone else on our blog. I am passing it on to you.

Ces said...

Hello Jan,

OH MY GOODNESS! I just enlarged the pictures of the mini quilt and I am so blown away by the details. Painstakingly tiny and there are so many little beads and stitches. You must wear magnifying glasses when you do these! These are all beautiful and very creative. I like the pitbull heart. Our dog Daisy is a mutt with pitbull breed and she is by far the most gentle and smartest dog I have ever met. She is so loving! Have a great week, Jan!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi my friend,

I am missing you...are you doing alright?

Been a crazy week for me with my Mom!!



Deborah said...

How beautiful the heart is! Love the fabric with all the handwork too. The squash stems arrived and I am ever so excited to start my pumpkins! I'll make a wee pumpkin for the tiniest of the stems! Cute! **kisses** Deb

Robin Olsen said...

All your pieces make me smile--they're wonderful. I love the mix of the elegance of the beaded heart with the funny dog.

beadbabe49 said...

Would you ask April where she got the little Aztec charm? He's so unusual and I've never seen anything quite like him...I'd love to use him in one of my journal pieces!