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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blue House Cafe

I received a call from the proprietors of a cafe in a nearby town last week.  They have rotating art work on their large walls, and wanted to know if I would be willing to bring some of my art quilts in for display.  I have displayed there once before, so they were familiar with my work and really like how it looks in the cafe.
Of course I said yes!  As you can see, the space is more like an art gallery than a restaurant.  The ceilings are very tall, the walls clean and white with little clutter.  They also have live music on weekends, and wi fi all the time.  Do you see that door?  It leads to a vault, this building used to be a bank. 
Above you see the entrance to the cafe.  Finally a worthy place to hang one of my larger pieces!

This is the outside of the restaurant.  It really stands out in this small town logging community.
Here is my helper. Chain Saw man.

He insisted on snapping a picture of me.  I look rather tired after all that hanging and climbing up and down ladders.

 This is such a nice place and the proprietors are wonderful people.
I love how they have it painted and decorated.  
So if you are going through Vernonia, Oregon in the next month, stop in and have lunch, view the art work, say Hello to Eleanora, the woman behind the counter.  The picture I took of her didn't turn out.  Too bad, she is a lovely woman.
Be well.
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sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

This is just the ticket for all of your wonderful Art!! I agree this place looks great very upbeat and full of energy like the things that you create!! Congratulations!!
Wish I could just pop over to Oregon...but the pictures will have to do.

I love the large quilt you made and it looks lovely above the large bench...great location where everyone first comes in!!

Hugs and Smiles...


Bunny said...

Oh my goodness how exciting for you. You look lovely and your art is amazing. How wonderful for you.

Beadwright said...

This is great! I love displaying art in places that EVERYONE will see.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

how wonderful it must be to have a place such as this to display your gorgeous work! i would be beyond flattered if i got a call like that. your quilts look like they truly belong on those walls...very beautiful! congratulations on your new display!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

How cool Jan! I know you had mentioned this establishment before, but it is nice to see and especially nice to see a whole wall of your work!
Looks beautiful in the cafe!
You ROCK!!! (chain saw man too... ;)


Janet Ghio said...

Your art quilts look great on the walls of the cafe. Looks like a really nice venue. Are you anywhere near Springfield/Eugene area?

Marlene said...

Jan, that is so cool and your work looks amazing on the walls. I would love to make it to Vernonia and see it in person, who knows, might happen.

Karen S said...

This is great! Your art looks wonderful. Now if I can just figure out how to get myself a trip to the coast...

Linda said...

Thats great news Jan, well done.
Your pictures are so good ..... I feel like I've actually visited!

Flowermouse Design said...

Congratulations!!!!! And the café looks so nice. With your work it´s perfect!!!

yoborobo said...

Wow! It looks beautiful! I love your quilts. :) And you and Chainsaw Man look lovely, too! xox Pam

artymess said...

Hi Jan the venue is similar to my show it's a veggie cafe ..........i love your work it looks lovely on those walls good luck ....x

audrey said...

Jan, how thrilling to have your art on the walls of this stunning cafe!! This has to be exciting and what an honor. Your quilts look wonderful displayed on those crisp clean walls ~ they really show up!! I am just so excited for you.
The cafe is wonderful, too. I love how they've displayed the blue glassware above. There is something special about coffee houses ~ a feeling of warmth and intimacy.
This is a happy time for you. Thanks for sharing all the photos with us. Your quilts, the cafe, you, and Chain Saw Man all look great!! I wish I could come there and have a cup of celebratory coffee with you.
♥ audrey

Anja said...

Dear Jan, this cafe restaurant is just the right place for your artist works, the atmosphere one can see on the fotos lets assume so. Much space and interior with selected colors and forms. The owner likes blue, fits to your last dolleybobber. It is so nice that your needling work is on exhipition and will be enjoyed with something good to drink and to eat. I hope it is forbidden to smoke at this place. Mhh, thinking practical ;-) From all of your pieces. I adore very much the selfportrait and the quilt with the color vortices. The other are to little to see the details also on the enlarged foto. I love them too, because I love your style how to use colors and bring it into form.
Good times!! Anja

Robbie said...

How very cool! So nice that others can get to see and appreciate your art work like we do!

Ces said...

Whoooaaa! So nice. I am just stopping by. Will be back to read more. Just wanted to tell you yu don't have to do anything special to be in the BBB Club. You are in because you are you! Hahahahaha! Tsup!

Martha Bright said...

Your pieces looks wonderful in that space, Jan. Wish I could stop by! Very colorful. I don't think I have seen that rainbow swirl quilt on the far left.

Did you take any photos of the owners' garden?

Fabric Art said...

How exciting for you Jan, your art looks wonderful on the white walls.

maggi said...

Fantastic to see your work hanging in that lovely space, well done and thanks for sharing it with us.