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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Dooleybobber #8 and surprises

Here is my latest Dooleybobber. To my eye it took on a slight river at the base of a mountain aspect, so I added the fish bead and the shell. Otherwise, pretty abstract. There is a smashed bottle cap under the flower. I love those little felted bobbles in the upper right space.
I cut up a little bit of lace and beaded it down in this corner.
Close up of the felted bobbles. I bought them on Etsy at Alchemy Fiber Arts.
close up of the fish bead and tiny Opihi shell. A bit of avocado netting in there, nearly catching the fish. The whole piece measures about 6" x 4.5".

On another subject, I have received some very cool things in the mail from blogging friends this past week.  First was this ATC I got from Susan.  I love it!  My favorite colors.  Susan does such wonderful work, always interesting.
Here is the one I sent to her in trade
Notice how similar they turned out even though we didn't set any theme for these.  Thanks Susan!!
Next is another ATC I got in trade from Lorna. 
I love the Angelina fibers she included on this lovely piece.  Again, my favorite colors.
Below is the the one I sent to her.  Thanks Lorna!  She likes trading ATC's, maybe she will trade with you.
Then I received a gift in total surprise from Gabie  
She read my comment on her blog about how much I liked her beaded spider so she sent it to me!  Isn't it cool?  I love it.  She also sent this postcard and on the back she wrote "I hope that this spider will find a nice place in your home.  It's trained and has a nice behavior."  It has a jump ring on it so I can attach it to a chain to wear if I want to.  I think it is the sweetest spider I have ever seen!  Thanks so much Gabie!  It indeed has found a nice home here with me.

Last but not least, I won a give away from Nicole
This Skelly girl cabochon!  Isn't she fabulous!  I will have to add her to some beaded project.  If you look on Nicole's blog today you will see what she has done with one of these cabs.  Nicole is a fabulous beader and is very generous with her knowledge and has give aways frequently.  She also sent me a little card that shows how to know what sizes beads are.  I had complained to her that I have trouble when ordering beads online figuring out what size they will be when they come in millimeters.  This card is business card size and has a little chart that will help me a lot, next time I am looking at beads on line.  Thanks, Nicole!

Well that is it for today.  It is back to some rain here so I am inside, listening to The Tallest Man On Earth.  You can check him out on NPR's All Songs Considered, they have a downloadable concert.  He's a great singer songwriter, just him and his guitar.  I had never heard of him before but I am very much enjoying his songs.  But now it is time for A Prairie Home Companion.

Be well.

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sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

First of all I love your Dooleybobber #8!!!!
I love anything with shells and fish and this color blue is divine!! I just really love the bit of lace and the felted bobbles, they go so well with the whole composition.

It's cool to see our ATC's together...I never
tire of looking at them!

The skelly girl cabachon is very unique and I look forward in seeing it somewhere in your art work!

And of course the "Spidey" is adorable...I don't care for spideys,,,but this one would be ok!!

Enjoy your weekend and be well,


April said...

I like Susan's Blooming thing a lot. It looks like the background is paper, but the tree is made of wonderful fiber. I like the shiny leaves, too, but then you KNOW how I feel about leaves. Of course, then I LOVE your Autumn Splendor, Jan. It is gorgeous! LEAVES, who wouldn't love it? The background looks like your painted paper, right? As for the Spidey, and Skully...well,,..,I really like LEAVES!!! 8-D

April said...

Forgot to comment on your Dooleybobber #8. Nita and I looked at it together, and we loved it! We couldn't believe that you would think to put an avocado netting on your project. Cool! Actually, I couldn't believe that you would purchase felted bobbles on Etsy...because I know that you could make your own. But then that's just who you are, Jan, encouraging and supporting other artists. Good for you! They look cute on your project.

Flowermouse Design said...

Your Dooleybobber is so lovely. I like the abstract and that it sort of live it´s own life. Really beautiful - and you´re a lucky girl. Wonderful gifts!!!

Perlenkatze said...

Jan, I do love your Dooleybobber. They are so beautiful.
The tree, which you received from Susan, is absolutly gorgous.

If it comes to the spider,you know: the anticipation is the purest joy. And 'I feld a lot of it.

Martha Bright said...

I love your latest project! The colors are gorgeous--they are my favorites, as you know. So you are doing this all with hand needle felting? What are the dimensions of this piece? You see I am always all about information! How did you get to know all these talented people? Leaving comments on their blogs? That is what I should do, I think--instead of living in my own little world...

Marlene said...

Jan your dooleybobber is wonderful, you do such fun beadwork and it looks like a river and mountain to me too. You really scored some beautiful work in your trades and that cabochon is awesome.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love your new work Jan---there is so much packed into a small space, and it is well balanced and looks good. I always look at these and wonder the size first, because if you can't tell, everything is perfect!
Looks like you got a lot of cool goodies~~enjoy! A nice way to transition into Fall, yes?


yoborobo said...

Oh, Jan! I love your new piece. It reminds me of looking down into a tide pool. You are amazing! I love all your gifties, too. Happy Sunday to you! xox!!

Nancy said...

So much terrific art to look at in this post!! Love it all.

Linda in New Mexico said...

I love your Dooleybobber. I always spend an inordinate amount of time looking at your work. It is always so intricate and appealing. I am intrigued by what you do and get lost looking at all the different aspects. And I would say you have some very talented trade partners....score.
Thanks for the lookie loo opp. The Olde Bagg
pssst. tell the spider to come look at our Halloween party on the 16th, perhaps it will see a relative or 500.

Anja said...

Dear Jan, this post was really like reading newspaper, what nice presents you got. As I can't see blood, I also get a little bit nervous with the Skelly girl ;-)
I recognize the joy you made the Dolleybober. You have done a good job with the combinations of different blues with a little bit green and the felted bobbles look like little creatures on it. I am already curious about your next Dolleybobers. :-) Have a good time. Anja

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i love the vibrancy of your doolybobber. it's so full of a life of its own. really beautiful. and how lucky you are to get such things in the mail! we just get bills. lol. i've been eyeing one of those skelly girls for a while. i really love them. lucky you!