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Friday, May 25, 2018

Making books

Since the nice weather has arrived I've switched from making quilts to making books.  Today I shall show you some of them.  Please do remember that you can click on the picture to see it larger.

 This little accordion book measures about 4 inches square.

 I decorated it mostly using some of Jane Davenport's collage napkins that I purchased at
 I also did a little acrylic painting in places.
Finally I put a spine on it using some scrim and added a few beads, sea shells and fibers. 
The second little book, constructed in the same fashion, turned out quite differently.

This one I used mainly images from some old Heron Dance booklets I bought.  Hated cutting them up but I do love all the little paintings and this is a fun way to recycle them.

Next I made a couple of tiny accordion books.

I already gave them away, I think they were about 2 inches square.
There are more but this is enough for today.  Don't want to overwhelm you with photos.  Since I only have half a dozen at most followers any more, this blog is mostly a record for myself.  I guess people don't read blogs any more.  I didn't like posting on Facebook, it felt too impersonal and I've been reading things about Facebook that I don't like.  So I'm back to blogging.  Thanks for sticking around.


Tanya said...

I’m reading you! Your books are full of thought and beauty!

Patty said...

I also love this blog, please keep 'reporting'. Today you've reminded
me how much I love making books. Table is already cleared and ready.

Nancy said...

Oh, how I love books- and these are wonderful. I didn't know there were Jane D napkins available. I like them! Keep showing your books. I'm with you- my blog serves as a record and I like to write/document there rather than in a journal. Funny- I make books, too, but don't write in many of them.

Corrine at said...

Wonderful feather embellishments for the heron book. Clever binding formats. Haven't made books in a while, so many projects on the list but a good activity. 85 here today and quite humid, hard to breathe with all the masses of pollen outside and the air is still, yuck. This would be a good activity to pursue. Thanks for the inspiration. xox

Robbie said...

Jan, these are wonderful!!!! So 'happy' and exciting to look at!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I think the tiny accordion book is my favorite. So cute to look at and get lost in thought.
xx, Carol

polly said...

Well,here it is july 15 and i'm finally getting to your blog bcs you reminded me on fb i love your blog and would keep up w/ it better if i didn't have to rely on memory to check it for new posts---and i adore--
3000% ---your wonderful new paintings of people's pets---loved seeing the haying fotos here too-more memories