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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beads and Bones, Feathers and Fibers

Do any of you save stuff like this:
 Rusted bits and sticks and bark,
 feathers and broken bits of pottery found along the river,
just interesting "stuff".
 Of course we can't forget the feathers, can't throw any of those away now can we?  No, of course not!  I'm trying to actually use some of these things, even if only to make something that I will stick out in the woods along my walking trails.
Saw this article in the most recent Quilting Arts magazine:
I wanted to make some of these cuties.  So I did.
Then I thought, what else can I cover with fabric or fibers?  and I found these old bones so did this with them:

I'm on a roll now!  Gotta go roll some more.
Be well.



Patty said...

Love this! After the long winter it'd be nice to spread some
spring gifts to mother nature.

Nancy said...

Oh yes, I'm a collector of stuff. But yours is more interesting. I love how you dressed the pieces up with fiber art. Our fiber group saw a demo on this recently, and it's quite motivating. Well done.

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I enjoyed that article too. I don't have much of a collection except stones and rocks. After collecting inside, I have moved them to a spot by the pond. I admit I haven't given any thought to dressing them up.
xx, Carol

sonja said...

I am a bit of a magpie,picking up smooth rocks, twigs, leaves. feathers...marbles, rusting buckles and bowls and platters i have dug from the soil. my current fun finds are the stems from avocados, that once dried and varnish, became legs for some wonky angels! the honey spinning was very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Yes and yes and yes. Love Victoria's work too and yours of course. xox