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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tiny Books

I recently signed up to participate in a Pay It Forward deal that Linda at Olde Baggs 'n Stuft Shirts posted on her Facebook page.  I agreed to post on my facebook page an offer to give something free to the first five people who signed up and agreed to do the same.  Last year I participated in this and it was fun so I was happy to do it again.  I made these little folded paper books to give away that Maggi at Hand Dyes taught me how to make.

They measure 3 by 3 and a half inches. They have all these little pockets in them that I try to put tiny treasures in.

The treasure might only be a poem or a feather.  I already gave one of the books away so I need to come up with two more things to give away.

Dooleybobber  #?
At the end of last year I made this on my needle felting machine.  I haven't made a dooleybobber in so long that I don't know what number this one is!  I stitched it by hand using hand dyed threads that I got from Maggi.  You might like to hop over and look at her luscious threads and fabrics and  indulge yourself and buy some, they are gorgeous.  Tell her Jan sent you.  Oh and do you see that gold colored rectangular thing in the upper right hand corner?  That was a piece of a plastic tray that held chocolates.  I put it on top of my wood stove on a safe metal tray and let it melt until it became mostly flat.  It didn't even stick to the safe metal tray, just came right off.  I stamped the word "Create" on it in Stazon ink.  I was just experimenting a bit.
I put that dooleybobber #? on the cover of a 3 ring notebook that I use as my desk calendar.  I have a folder for each month and can put in my writing and cards that I receive or whatever.  I'm liking this so far.  I have some wonderful calendar images that my friends in my Stitch 'n Bitch group made for me.  If you click on the link it will take you to our group blog.

More recently I have been playing with a gelli plate that my friend Anne at El Milagro Studio sent to me.  Above you can see the gelli plate and two texture plates I made from fun foam.  Wow, is this fun or what!?!  Thanks again, Anne!

Here are some of my favorite papers I have created so far.  I have the 6 inch square gelli plate.

Here are a few more.  The dark spiral that you see is a resist I created from Tyvek and used.  It was so pretty I want to use it on a card or in my journal or something.  Bonus!

I made these papers by cleaning my brayer off on them.  Cool, yes?  They remind me of Madras plaids.  I have lots of papers to use somewhere now and I've only played with the gelli plate for a couple of hours!  I made a card out of one of my pullings already.  Nice!  They have plenty of video tutorials available on their blog, check them out here.

Well that's about all for today.  I shall leave you with this self portrait.  Until next time,

Be well.
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Maggi said...

Wow Jan you have been busy. I love those little books and so will anyone who receives them. Your Dooleybobber is lovely, as always and that's a great way of recycling the plastic tray. I love my gelli plate and see that you have found yours addictive too. You have made some fantastic papers. I really must get off the computer and do some more printing! The colour of the sky in your self portrait is amazing, great shot. Thanks for the plug for my website x

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

The first words that came to me are the same as Maggi's You have been soooo busy. I have been looking at a felting machine. I am glad to see you are still using yours. Everything looks beautiful. I like the pay it forward idea as well.

maddyrose said...

Great post! It looks like you've been very busy making beautiful things. I have to admit that I have no idea what a gelli plate is but if I could do something like what you've done I want to get one. Love the self portrait. ;o)

Linda Wildenstein said...

look at you, all busy and productive. The books are amazing and now the gelli plate is very intriquing....
you know you are a wonder to me. you have such a wonderful eye as to color and placement. Love what you do. Love the self portrait, beautiful. Oma Linda

Emma said...

Fabulous books, lovely inside, too. I'll have to go see if Maggi will teach me too! I did some printing on a gelatine plate recently & loved the immediacy of it, of course it turned to mush to I'll need to make another, maybe I'll invest in a bought one.....

Corrine at said...

Uh oh gelli addiction has set in, I have a big one now and I don't want to leave it alone. Love you mini books.....and tour stitching goodness. xox

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
Your tiny books are pretty and I like the fact that they have the little pockets in them. I wanted to join in with the Pay It Forward, but thought I better not with SO much on my plate. Now, the Dr. has added Physical Therapy 2X a week for me, so I have even less time.
The Gelli Plate papers you've made are beautiful and it looks like it would be fun. I will have to look into that one of these days.
Another dooleybobber? YAY! I was wondering when you might make another one of those. It's beautiful and filled with interest.
Looks like you've been busy and having fun.
Great post!
♥ audrey

sonja said...

Good to see you making art and postng agian. missed your farm and fabrcations! and those tiny books have me spinnng off on how i might make some with all the scraps of art here .and now i am finally convnced i do need a gelli plate after all!
be well,sonja

Glenn Stenson said...

You are full of color, imagination and energy! It must have scared the clouds away and left you a perfect sky. And red fits you nicely.

Gaby Bee said...

Gorgeous creations! Love especially the mini books. Beautifully done!

Lorraine said...

great little books and thanks for your lovely comment on my blog

sjmcdowell said...

It was so nice to hear from you Jan. I am happy to see you are keeping busy. Your little books are wonderful!!! I have to go back and read more of what you have been up to lately. I hardly Blog anymore. I still keep my blog thinking at some point I will return again, on a more full time basis. We'll see!
Maybe we could do a swap together at some point. I have been making a few items. I Facebook much more than blog now. I like keeping up with my family!

Well dear Jan...So happy again to hear from you! I will come by more often to see what you have been up to!!

Love and Hugs,


Linda said...

Those little books are adorable ....your work is so inspiring.
Gorgeous Dooleybobber too; love those colours!