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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Journal work

I've been enjoying working in various journals, the one above is a regular hardback book I altered.  It has the most wonderfully absorbent pages in it and takes paint very well, dries so fast.  It is a book titled Married Love from the 1940's and the text is quite fun to read.  Rather risque for the time.  I cut about a third of the pages out before I began and I use them in other mixed media projects.

Dulcinea and Don Quixote

another from the Married Love book.  I haven't altered the cover yet.

These next ones are from a folded paper book I made with one large sheet of paper.  It makes a book of 16 pages that is about 9" x 6".  A nice size.  I should share the tutorial, you can find it here: folded paper journal.   They call it a Meander Accordion folded book.

Remember the paper buttons I made about a year ago?  I have used some of them here for my flower centers.

One of my favorite colors...
One final spread.  I've been doing a little doodling lately.  I made these hands on a separate sheet of paper while listening to TV, then cut them out and glued them into my book.

I made another Dooleybobber but couldn't show it until it was received by my friend Maggi.  I gifted it to her for her birthday.  I had an old embroidered cloth that I had picked up at a garage sale somewhere.  It was rather stained but it was perfect to incorporate behind the dooleybobber.

Sweet bird embroidery

close up of my hand embroidery

Finally, here is a little baby quilt I made for my newest nephew, Sam.  His mom is a professional photographer so if you like seeing photos of newborns, you should go take a look at Studio 623 blog.  Cuteness factor is very high!!!

close up of the only "baby" fabric I used in the center of each block.  (Linda, note the donkey:-)

Well that is about it for today.  I hope you all are faring well this winter.  Winter is almost my favorite season because I get to spend so much time in my studio.

Be well. 
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Corrine at said...

Well we haven't seen much of you in the blogosphere, but you sure have been busy. I love your journal and the spread Big Orange.....You stitched piece is wonderful, all those birds.....and the adorable baby quiltie....loving what come to fruition from your hands. xox

Robin said...

OH! I love it all! Every last creative bit! I especially like your dooley bobber and the hand pages! And that is one lucky baby who gets to sleep under that quilt! The baby fabric is cute cute cute. Glad to see you are making the most of winter!

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
Love your Journal pages and the Dooleybobber. I love just about anything with birds, so it is extra wonderful to me. The baby quilt is so sweet. It's nice that you are using cold winter days in your studio making beautiful art. I love winter because I don't have to suffer through the heat!
Always nice to see a post from you, dear Jan.
Happy Sunday!!
xxoo audrey

Glenn Stenson said...

The things you can create with your hands when you unbutton your mind! I'll ask my printer to use extra absorbent parchment when I publish my book!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

WOW is all I can say!!! I love the fairy tale the best! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Susan said...

Busy! Love the journal pages.

April said...

Hey, Jan, Wow! You HAVE been busy! I really, really LIKE your zentangled hands. They are wonderful! And even though I don't really appreciate all the rain we get, I do LOVE your 'Return to the Rain' page. . . lovely colors! I got to see your paper-buttoned flowers, and that whole page is just soooo cute! As for orange, you KNOW that isn't my favorite color, but I sure LOVE what you've done with it on your 'Big Orange' page. Super!!! You are one busy bee! :oD

Maggi said...

I enjoyed enlarging the photos and looking closely at your journal pages, they are great. Great quote about being idle not being fun unless you have something you should be doing. The baby quilt is cute and will be treasured. I love my dooleybobber, it is just so beautiful and I spend time looking at it every day. Thank you so much.

Becky said...

Sam's quilt!!! I'm so excited! Maybe it's what's waiting for us at the post office (the mailman left a slip yesterday, he couldn't get it into our box and doesn't like to leave stuff on the porch... not sure why, we have good neighbors, it's dry, and we live in the boonies!) In any case, I am VERY excited to see it! I love the fabric and can't wait to take more photos of our little Samuel Theodore on it :) :) Thank you Aunt Jan!!!

Laura said...

Well Jan you can tell you were missed all the comments on your blog and work...Loads and loads of awesomeness.

yoborobo said...

Hi Jan! WOW! You have been busy. Such colorful and creative work!
I love the hands, and the bird dooleybobber (sp?). Congrats on the new little nephew - how wonderful! xox

maddyrose said...

You have been very busy and oh so creative. I've been running at one tenth of my usual speed so I'm very impressed. The baby quilt is absolutely precious! The journals are wonderful and you must know by now how much I enjoy your dooleybobbers and this one is no exception.
I have enjoyed this post very much. Have a great week Jan. xox

Robbie said...

What happy journals!!! Love the hand stitching!

Jennifer Richardson said...

paper buttons!
gah...i love all of this
rich creative beauty
you have spread out here
like a table loaded down
with goodies!
my fingers start itching
to get into my paints
as i walk around.
thanks for the wonderful stir,

Judy Ziegler said...

Love it, so very creative!

Linda said...

Wow you've been busy, Jan. Love those journal pages.
And I am lucky enough to have seen your bird quilt in real life! Its absolutely wonderful (and I could tell Maggi loves it). xx

Jeannette said...

OOoh this is great,i love all your juornal pages,so beautiful and creative.

greetings jeannette