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Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My Dad, Bill Brattain, is turning 85 on May 6th.  Hard to believe that young boy with the violin is 85 now.  Dad played in the Youth Philharmonic when he was a kid.  I remember him playing his violin when we were kids, he'd play a piece of classical music to send us to dream land.

He grew into a handsome young red haired man.

This picture might have been taken yesterday, tall lean young man in jeans and T-shirt, baseball cap.

Soon he was a father.  I love this shot of Dad with two of my brothers and me, Christmas about 1957 or '58.

Dad was born and raised in Oregon with his Dad, Mom, one sister and two brothers.  Here he is with my grandfather and Uncle Creed and Uncle Laird.

I like this picture of him, still a handsome man.  Yep, that's my dad!

My family, doing what we like best, talking, laughing, eating and drinking fine wine.

He has an irreverent sense of humor.  Put a camera in his face and he is just as likely to make a silly face as smile.  Notice him above, making a face.

Here he is with his sister, my Aunt Peg.  He's getting older but he still isn't grown up;-)

This picture of my step mom Dottie, Chainsaw man and Dad was taken up at the family cabin when we had a work party. 

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I really should get a scanner.

This final photo, of me and my Dad, taken at a previous birthday party.  I don't have enough pictures of me and Dad.  We are having a get together on Sunday to celebrate, maybe I'll get one of my brothers to snap one.

Happy Birthday Dad.  I love you!! 

Adding this on May 7th.  Had a great time with my family and thought I'd share this photo from yesterday with you all.
Tom, Bill, Jan, Rick 

When my sister in law Renee asked Dad how it feels to be 85, he replied, "Smooth.  Life just keeps getting better and better."

Sounds like a good thought to leave you with.
Be well.
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Linda in New Mexico said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad and what a sweet tribute to him. You are a goodie Ms. Jan, Oma Linda

Heloise said...

Wishing your Father a very happy Birthday, lovely tribute to him.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh, I love this!
Wonderful to see your Dad from a very young man to the very *mature* man sticking his tongue out! LOL!!!
(and yes, you do need more pics of you with him---the last one is great)
Hope you ALL have a wonderful time, and that he has an exceptional birthday. ♥
Good talking w/you too~~and yes, the wine was excellent....
Big hugs to you both.


maddyrose said...

Happy birthday to your dad. The photo of him sticking his tongue out at his sister says a lot about the man he is. It says I may look older on the outside but I'm still the same on the inside. Being an oldster myself I can appreciate that. Get plenty of pictures and have fun.

nacherluver said...

Happy B-day to your papa!!!!

April said...

Happy, happy birthday to your Dad, Jan. Have a wonderful time helping him celebrate. Yes, I hope you make a point to get the two of you in a picture together! You can never have enough family photos.

Corrine at said...

Nice Birthday tribute to Dad. Quite the handsome fellow and looks like a real sweetheart too! Yes, a new pic would be nice. xox

Laura said...

Jan..thanks for sharing your family with grand and love last picture of you and your dad.

yoborobo said...

First of all, your Dad and his brothers - OMG, what a good looking group! :)) And he looks like a hoot. I love anyone who acts up in a pic. A happy birthday to him, and take lots more photos! xox

Robbie said...

Hope you had a great celebration!!! Enjoy the time together!!

Elena said...

Happy (belated) birthday to your dad. What a beautiful family! You can see how close you all are.

April said...

Especially LOVE the photo with you, your brothers and your Dad! Wonderful, Jan! I'm glad you got it! Know you will cherish that for the rest of your life!

Glenn Stenson said...

Daddy's little girl is the cutest of them all.

audrey said...

Jan, these are wonderful photographs filled with memories that will always be with you. It is such fun looking back at old photos and adding new ones to the mix. I hope your Dad had a wonderful birthday and will have many more to come. I hope you find many opportunities to have photos taken of you with him. A beautiful post and tribute.
♥ audrey

Robin said...

Oh I love this post Jan! Your dad sounds like such a sweet, fun loving guy! I especially love love love the photo and you and him together....the look on your face is priceless!! Take lots of pictures while you can! My dad was into photography and took tons of pics but was rarely IN any of them! I have very few of him and especially of he and I together. I'd give anything to have more!!

polly said...

great post, Jan--loved all the pics--that little boy at heart is a thing to cherish

Tanya said...

It's so nice to meet your father. He sounds like a remarkable man. And it is nice to have pictures of you too!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

What wonderful pictures of your father from boyhood up to now!!
Your all a very handsome group!!

A belated Happy Birthday to your Dad!!!

Hugs and Smiles,


Linda said...

What a lovely post Jan....and what a lovely dad you have. The photos are great, especially that last one. Definitely one to treasure.... :-)

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

What a wonderful tribute to your Dad, Jan. There is nothing better than family. I miss my Dad. He was a sweetie. Being with our brother a couple weeks ago is almost just as good. He is a sweetie, too and of course...I have the best sister in the world. That is such a nice pic taken of the four of you on his birthday! Hugs...