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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Garden produce

I know I've been absent for quite awhile. Now that the rain is returning I hope to get back to blogging more regularly. Today I'm going to show some photos from my garden. But first, I thought I'd show you my little cactus, it has never bloomed for me before but it is really flowering now!

Close up of center of cactus bloom.

The tomatoes didn't have time to come to full ripeness because of the late summer we had. We are still getting plenty, but not as much as we'd like. They are gorgeous, aren't they?

Because of the rain we decided to pick and bring in the biggest to allow them to continue to ripen indoors.

If we left them out in the rain they would start to split and rot out there, so we bring them into the house.

The lovely rainbow chard.

Drying some chard and herbs near the wood stove in the house.

Tomato butt.

Lettuce bolting.

Squash doing its best to ripen before the first frost kills it back.

Squash beauty.

Wooly bears are plentiful right now.

The tobacco is flourishing and flowering.

Penny brocolli heads.

Lovely veining in the kale.

Canna's did their best with the cool summer, the leaves are nearly as pretty as the flowers but last longer.

More chard. I love looking at it as much as eating it.

The apple tree is loaded. If you look closely you can see Tonka, Sadie and Charlie lounging.

I should have taken a photo of the potatoes. We dig them as we use them and I haven't dug any today for a photo shoot. They are the best potatoes I have ever tasted, melt in my mouth like they have butter on them but we don't use butter.
Earlier this year I showed this same view.  Now the  Italian dill is dying back, the tobacco is growing mature, and there is smoke coming from the chimney of my cozy little house.  Autumn has arrived.  Enjoy Nature's bounty.

Be well.

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April said...

Your garden is lovely, Jan! Really a work of art in itself, huh? Your homestead is a little piece of heaven!

Janet Ghio said...

I really enjoyed looking at all your vegetables. I never heard of drying chard before. I think it was a bad year for tomatoes everywhere--the weather was relly strange.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Just love all your photos of natures beauty but the tomatoes and the colors are so gorgeous. I think you life in paradise at the edge of the forest. Lovely home with the smoke drifting away. Happy Autumn to you as well. Oma LInda

sonja said...

thanks Jan for fall garden tour. i, like you, love to see the light behind leaves and notice the colors and veins. your tomatoes are beautiful. somedays ya just got to stop and see,really see nature .Sometimes the camera captures what words only attempt to lasso. soft rain here today

Glenn Stenson said...

You are the expert gardener, guess I should pick my tiny crop of tomatoes and let them ripen indoors. There's nothing like eating homegrown fruit and vegetables. Outrageous pictures of your crop!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

That kale shot did it for me! And of course the lounging pups! Nice bounty. Whst will you do with all the green tomatoes? xox Corrine

yoborobo said...

Holy cow, Jan! That is some garden. And I didn't know you could dry kale! These photos are so lovely. Thank you for sharing them! xo Pam

Sandie said...

I love the hat you made for Dosfishes!
The garden is great and love your cosy house!

Sandie xx

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

You are really a beautiful artist and your garden is unbelievable in both beauty and textures. I love the hat you made for Dos Fishes...she truly needed a crown to brighten her day! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

DIAN said...

Your garden is gorgeous: I love those tomatoes and the veins on the kale and all the other pics of your garden.

The hat you made for Corrine is fabulous.

Emma said...

Corrines hat is extra ordinary - just stunning. What beautiful bounty - we're off to a village 'pot luck' supper tonight, not enough courgettes (zuchini) for soup but plenty of strange shaped delicious potatoes from the village 'garden ground'

Anja said...

You have such a wonderful place Jan!
The vegetables looks very inviting to cook yummy food which is very healthy. What for you is normal is perhaps for some people in big city special. I loved the photos of the leaves of your vegetable its structure, one can get inspiration of it.
Have cosy times!

Anja said...

PS: I like very much the foto of your facebook picture, it is an old one from a female ancestor?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG~~what a beautiful post Jan! I am envious of the garden and he absolute BEAUTY of the produce.
Gardens offer so much more than just food---it is nourishment for the soul as well.
Your cactus must finally be potbound; I believe I recall when I had one it FINALLY got all rootbound and then bloomed.
Then I think it impaled me one to many times and that was the parting of the ways.
Wonderful post......just exceptional!


Jan said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. Special thanks to my two new followers, Mary Helen and DIAN. I appreciate your support!
Be well.

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
I really enjoyed looking at these photos of your lovely garden. You grow a lot of wonderful things that bring much beauty to your yard before you enjoy eating them. I love the photo of the veins in the kale. Gorgeous! Our tomatoes did not do real well this year either ~ too dry and little rain. There is nothing better than a home grown ripe tomato!
LOVE the hat you made for Corrine. It makes me want to smile!
I wish you many happy Fall days, Jan.
audrey ♥

Maggi said...

What a rally bountiful garden you have Jan. Makes me feel very hungry indeed.

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