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Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Dreams

Summer Dreams
Dooleybobber #16
11inches by 9 inches
I started this needle felted piece back when our summer temperatures were in the 50's and low 60's and I was dreaming of summers past.  It has finally warmed up into the 70's and feels a bit more like summer.

I've had a lot of company lately and have been slowly hand stitching on this piece while trying to pay attention to these other people.  The company is gone and this piece is mostly finished. Still needs to be mounted or at least backed.

I used some silk flowers, stitched down with beads and threads.  I just love these colors together!

Sari silk fibers, I think I got this piece in the spiral from Corrine over at Dosfishes.

Small brass charm.  Sweet little flowers.

My most recent company just left this morning.  He is Chainsaw man's friend from college who lives in Japan now.  He has been suffering from severe stress, taking care of his family while living with near daily earth shaking and all the other consequences.  His family in Oregon bought him a ticket so he could come here and decompress for a few days.  He chose to spend much of his time out here on the farm, "the sanctuary" he calls it, listening to the silence.  His 8 year old daughter requested me to make her a little purse, she had very specific instructions.  It was to be white with sparkles, a strap handle and a pink bow attached.  I came up with this little thing, made from some home decorating type fabric that I embellished with white and silver fibers, stitched on some sequins, made a ribbon strap and searched around for a pink bow.  I don't normally do pink, but managed to find one I had salvaged off a package of Easter candy.  That is why we keep all these odd bits, you  never know when we might need them.

Here is our friend.  As you can see, he appears pretty relaxed with a glass of our blackberry cordial.  It was good to see this place through his eyes, he was so grateful to be here and to have solid ground under his feet.
 He brought me these Japanese fabrics as a gift.  Charlie is gazing raptly at them while holding down my next dooleybobber.  Yeah, it's under him there somewhere.

I hope you all are enjoying your summer.  Be well.
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Marilyn said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Really love your art piece!!
Isn't that just like a kitty to hold down anything we are working on?? LOL!!
Have a Great Day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jan, ANYONE would be relaxed after that glass of cordial! It packs a PUNCH! (in a very good way of course..)
Love how Charlie is sizing up the new fabric....probably wondering what you're going to make *for him*. (it's all for the pets, you know...)
I'm off to a busy day and need a nap after way too late a night last night.
Love the latest dooleybobber, being properly protected.


Maggi said...

Beautiful Dooleybobber Jan, the colours are fantastic. I am so glad that Chainsaw Man's friend was able to chill out with you after such a traumatic time. What a lovely purse for his daughter too. No wonder Charlie is impressed with the fabrics, they are gorgeous and he obviously wants you to keep that Dooleybobber too.

maddyrose said...

Yes!! Another wonderful Dooleybobber and it's amazing.
I can't even imagine what it must be like living in Japan right now. It's nice that your friend was able to get away from the day to day stress and relax for awhile. From what I've seen of your home it's the perfect place to unwind. Charlie takes over wherever he wants doesn't he. What a pretty boy.

Nancy said...

Lovely work on the Dooley-bobber. Nice you could provide a peaceful respite for your friend. Oh Charley... a giant furry paperweight. Cute.

Tanya said...

It is so nice of you to give your friend a place to relax and feel in touch with things again. I suppose we can find things to be stressed about anywhere but it is good to figure out how to get unstressed. Good company, quiet places and nature, a place where one feels loved.

Robin Olsen said...

Such a perfect little blast of summer with all those happy colors!

Patty said...

Oh, that sweet cat. I can feel how soft he is! Our Japanese friends always come with gifts, even if it's some wonderful item they've carried in backpack for days. We are sad when they leave us.

Robbie said...

Summer Dreams is wonderful! Fresh, happy, perky! Just makes you feel good!! So nice your friend got to unwind and RELAX!

audrey said...

Jan, another beautiful dooleybobber!! The colors in this one are so very pretty and I like the flowers and the spiral!!
How kind you are to open your home to others like you do. Maybe that is why you make a lot of heart art ~ little pieces of that big heart of yours. Every time I open your blog, it makes me happy to see all those colorful hearts up top!
I think your friend's daughter will be very happy with her purse ~ you took special care to fill her requests.
I am VERY tired and sore. Completely redid my two spaces at the consignment shop yesterday and today. Too much work! ): I am planning to rest tomorrow. One of those blackberry cordials would help. LOL!!
♥ audrey

Heloise said...

Lovely colours you have used in "Summer". Glad you have some summer ours keeps on coming and going.

Karen S said...

Love, love, love the colors on this latest dooleybobber! And the little purse is so sweet. What a charming gift.

Your friend and the cat are pretty cute too!

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
sanctuary I can understand quite well, I also once got such an idea as I saw the video with the dogwalk in the wood and thought what a wonderful quite relaxing place you are living. I love this post in many ways and had to enlarge several fotos to have closer look. I share with you the joy you had have with your visit and all the wonderful handycrafts you made recently.
Alles Liebe

Approachable Art said...

ooooo I love your new header!

Emma said...

Lovely to give sanctuary to one who really needs it & what a commission - looks ike you filled the brief beautifully ;)

Love the latest doolyB - & you've used pink in there, just gorgeous! Gentle summer colors. Good to stitch with company, I feel less frustrated!

Lorraine said...

hello Jan...what a kind sanctuary you have for your recent visitor..he looks very happy in the picture and I love the bright happy colours on the piece you have made. I like the photo of your barn..I love driving to the farms with my sons to see all the animals. Glad you have found my videos useful

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wonderful summer stitching. Yes, life gets in the way of us getting anything done, but your friend looks a delight snd a friend you can hold in your heart. Charlie is not going to let go of thst felt any time soon. Chuckle, chuckle. xox Corrine

artymess said...

Your friend has a lovely smile ..i am sure he was able to relax at your place stressful life must be for him ........and the little bag is really cute I'm sure she will love it .......Loving the colours on the dooleybobber are fab .......xx

April said...

Hey, Jan. Love your newest dooleybobber...especially the flower. And I think that cute little purse you made will make one little girl pretty HAPPY!!! So sweet. And speaking of sweet, Charlie looks pretty content there keeping your dooleybobber warm. Blackberry cordial...yummmmm!

Glenn Stenson said...

Well woman of the willowwacks, you seem to be an international destination. Maybe if I moved out of the country for a while, I'd be invited and you'd make that little thing I requested. ;0)

Linda said...

A post full of smiles! How lovely for your friend to be able to spend time with you.
And as for Charlie....he obviously shares Peachy's passion for all things soft and felted. :-)

Marlene said...

Beautiful work Jan, Love your dooleybobbers. It was wonderful that your friend got to come here to take a break from the stress in Japan. I feel so sad for those people, I just can't imagine trying to live in those conditions.

Celia Ciuffo said...

Hermosas mascotas y muy lindos quilts!!!!
Saludos desde Argentina!!!