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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busy summertime

Sorry for my long silence.  Summer gets pretty busy here on the farm.  We are in the midst of hay season which is late this year due to the weather.  If you are interested in seeing a bit of that process you can take a look at my post about it from last year, Hay Season.
The hay is in the barn, finally.  You can see Powder guarding the stash.  Now maybe I can get back to some art work.
I bought these old books at a thrift store, thinking I might alter them.  A dollar for all 4 of them, what a deal!
They are pretty cool but one is so old, I can't bear to do anything but preserve it.
See that copyright date?  1892! 

 Cool old covers, embossed.  None of them published any later than the 1920's.
Here is one old book I hollowed out and decorated.  I might do more to it still.  I had bought some cool little metal corner embellishment thingies and I cannot find them.  I wanted to put them in these corners.  

I do hope to have some new art to show you in my next post.  I've slowly been stitching on another Dooleybobber.  Remember those?  Its been so long, I forgot myself what they are.  I hope you all are keeping your cool this summer, I know it has been hot in most other places.  I'm not the only one who hasn't been blogging a lot lately.  

Be well.


Emma said...

Summer is a frantic time for most of us for a wonderful variety of reasons. Loved your hoarding story below. I think it's a survival instinct thing, I'm very good at hoarding! Sorting a bag a week is a good idea - I try to lable the box i'm sorting into so I don't have to make the same decisions all over again!

Love your hearts header & look forward to the next doolyB

Emma said...

ps, thanks for your kind words ;)

Linda in New Mexico said...

What a happy surprise to see a post from you. I'm glad you got the "haying" done.
I love your header with your wonderful's yummy. I love the books as well. When gleaning all my arting stuff, I found lots of "treasures" I had forgotten where they were so....perhaps you will find your corner dealies as well.
Happy arting......Oma Linda

June said...

What a nice combination of hard work (I remember haying -- can still smell the dry scratchy materials). I also have a thing about old textbooks; I suspect it comes from learning from some pretty ancient ones; I went to school in a one-room, five grade school where we had Dick and Jane, but not McGuffey's. I always wanted a McGuffey's Reader.

maddyrose said...

Hope you get in some arting time now that the haying is over. Love your Dooleybobbers and would enjoy seeing one on your blog in the near future. I'm glad it finally warmed up as my garden wasn't faring very well for the longest time. Now I could almost pull up a chair and sit and watch it grow. Even the bees seem to be enjoying it. Have a great week.

Maggi said...

Lovely new header. Glad you got your hay in. I think Power just wants to be first in line for all that hay!

Love the hollowed out altered book. You should have fun with the others although I can see why you would want to preserve the oldest one.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Summer is crazy enough here; I cannot imagine on your small farm all that has to be done.
And love all your hearts up top~~Beautiful!
Got a great deal on the books and I would preserve that really old one too.....what savers we are. :-)


Robbie said...

1892! That's a keeper for sure!!! i remember your post from last year..reminded me of growing up on the farm...loved the smell of hay!! Still do.

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
First, thank you for the link to the bird sounds. And, the walk around your yard, too. You know I've been wanting to do that.
You found some treasures in those old books. I would keep the 1892 one, too. Arithmetic? I remember that well. They call it by a different name these days, I believe.
I send accolades to you for all the work you do in getting that haying accomplished. You are tiny, but mighty!!!
Your altered book is wonderful, Jan, and I look forward to seeing another dooleybobber. Each one that you've made has been such a beautiful work of art!
I think we've all been blogging less this summer. The "to do" list just keeps getting longer.
♥ audrey

Bunny said...

Now that looks like a lot of hay! I love the guard animal. LOL. Your header is just just sooooo amazing I love all those hearts. Great work.

Karen S said...

I've decided that summer is not for blogging -- I've given myself permission to be behind on all things bloggy -- and you too! I love those books -- I also picked up some free ones that I was going to alter, but I can't bring myself to do anything to them. But I hate to start hoarding them....:-)

Lorraine said...

love these old books and your fabric work..thanks for visiting my blog