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Friday, July 15, 2011

July flowers

With the cool damp weather we have had here in Oregon, our flowers are lasting late. I think many other people have already seen their roses first blush pass on by. Mine are only now coming on full. This first picture has got to be my most favorite at the moment.

My little chipmunk supervisor.

Come closer......I dare you.

Anyone else still have peonys?

Evening primrose has seeded itself all over my yard and I like it. Anything that can take care of itself is fine with me.

Valerian is flowering. I got this from Anne several years ago.  Smells so good and reminds me of heliotrope, except the Valerian is a perennial.

The lily is in full bloom.

It gets bigger every year.

A rose with some vegetable flowers.

The feathery Tonka near the feathery Italian dill. The dill is taller than I am now and smells so good.  Those are some tobacco plants in front of the dill.

Dog joy.  I wish you all your own form of joy.

Be well.
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Marlene said...

Hi Jan, your flowers are gorgeous! May I get your permission to use a couple for photo references for paintings? I would especially love to paint the first rose and the lily. Looking at your yard lets me know the rain maybe does have a purpose.

Linda in New Mexico said...

Your yard is gorgeous and green and so am I.
The man next door has peonies and spends hours pruning and fussing over them and they are wonderful. He is one of those folks who garden as they breath....easily and continuously. At least I get the benefit of seeing them.
Good Saturday, Linda

Robbie said...

The roses are ALL stunning!!!! What is that little varmint in the flower for! Little bugger!! Glad I could get 'close' by just clicking on the pic and not putting my nose up to the real thing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden with us!

Tam Hess said...

Beautiful! I love that first rose picture too. They are all fun to a peek into your world! xoxo

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Wonderful photo post!
I'll take ALL the roses please! Mine are long gone and cone to think of it, the one tea rose I had must not have made it---I don't even remember seeing the leaves out there.
Ah yes, for a dog's life......sounds good to me! :-)


Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

super photos jan! what beautiful flowers! i look at my desert yard of dirt and geckos and am very envious of the vibrant life full of color all around you.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I feel like rolling in the grass too. Beautiful shot of dog, gArden and house, wild and chaoctic, plants springing up everywhere, just what I like. My valerian is gone almost but the smell is pure heaven. That rose is a stunner, what a photo you took. Kudos. xox Corrine

Sandie said...

Your flowers and veg are doing better than mine.
Love the dogs having fun! Miss my little dog, what a character he was, almost a year now since he died.
Take care, give the dogs hugs form me.

Sandie xx

Bunny said...

Jan your flowers are gorgeous. What beautiful roses just amazing.

Heloise said...

You have many beautiful roses. Lovely garden and one very happy dog.

Patty said...

Oh your flowers! I also have peonies but only get 1 bloom from each plant.
I hear they're fussy about where they're planted.

Anja said...

What a georgious posts, one could nearly smell the roses. So July is the best time to have a stay in your garden. The foto with your house shows how nice it is on a hanger, hope it is the right word. Your dogs are also doing well, here it is already gone since more than one month.
Take care of yourself

Emma said...

These are all stunning, worth waiting for (specially the chipmunk. I used to have Eve prim, must get some more & don't those (rocket or brassica?) flowers smell & taste delicious?

Glad you liked my foxglove piece & yes, they're the real macoy, the first flower in my garden 11 yrs ago, love them. Good the 'suggestion' of the flower worked, like a bit of abstract. x

audrey said...

Hi Jan!!
There are so many things here to love.
Your roses are g*o*r*g*e*o*u*s! All so beautiful ~ but I agree ~ the 1st one is a stunner. I love the setting around your home ~ it looks so much like an old English garden. Natural and beautiful and full of inspiration.
Is that a white spider of some type? Great shot but I wouldn't want him crawling on me. (: The chipmunk is adorable. Chipmunks can be destructive, but they are so darn cute. All the little critters have a garden of paradise there surrounding your home.
The book you are working on (in your last post) is great. I started something similar months ago, but it still sits and waits along with all my other art "starts"... hahaha
I love your new header, Jan. All those beautiful colorful hearts are so welcoming.
It is good to be back.
Hugs.... audrey

Tanya said...

Yep, that is a joyful dog! And I can imagine you are pretty joyful in your garden too!

maggi21 said...

What wonderful flowers, especially the rich colour of that first rose. You can keep the spider though! Your garden looks so lush and green.

Julie ZS said...

Jan I love all your beautiful flowers, these are great pictures. And your header is lovely, all those hearts, ahhh.