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Thursday, May 26, 2011

I guess I have been busy

I enjoyed making the first woven piece so much I had to make another in mostly blues and greens.  This time I attached it to a piece of old linen napkin that I dyed and stenciled and wrapped that fabric around a piece of foam core board.  It is about 6"X 8".

Here it is, still on the loom.  I put the gift card in the photo to give an idea of the size of the piece.  Plus it is a cute gift card from Powell's book store, my favorite book store.

As you can see I have continued to make large tote bags out of feed sacks.  There are so many colorful bags, and they are quite strong.  I have given plenty away and I use several for my recycling stuff.  Still there is a big pile of them waiting to be turned into totes, mostly the plainer ones.

In my last post I showed the piece of felt I had been playing with on the needle felting machine.  I turned the felt into these little pillow hearts.  I like the above one the best.

This heart has the foil on it but I think I needled it too much and most of the foil came off.  It does look better in person, the photo doesn't show it to advantage.  It has sequins and beads, including some polymer clay beads I made.

Last but not least, I finished a beaded bracelet I have been working on for awhile.  I had to crop in real close so you didn't have to see my sun damaged skin so much.  This pattern came from a book by Beverly Ash Gilbert titled Beaded Colorways.  It is a lovely and very inspiring book showing how to create free form bead weaving projects.  I'd recommend it.

Sometimes I feel that I don't get much accomplished down here in the studio.  That is one good thing about the blog, it helps me to focus on what I have done, rather than what I haven't.  When I began to gather photos for today's post I realized I have been busier than I realized plus I haven't even shown all the things I've been working on.  I have several nieces either getting married or having babies so I'm also making baby quilts and thinking about what I could make for a wedding gift.  Not any big quilts for wedding gifts!  I'm not up for that much focused work at the moment!  Not with all the garden chores at this time of year.

I hope you all are enjoying some fine late spring weather.  I'm continuing to enjoy this fine spring rain here.  Sorta.  It is better than too hot or tornadoes, that's for sure.

Be well.
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sonja said...

lovely post with lots you have accomplished! love your colors!

i want to say i have also made totes out of empty feed bird seed bags and i do get looks at the grocery. thanks for the tip.
be well ,sonja

maddyrose said...

You really have been getting a lot accomplished. I can't say the same. I really like the weavings you did on your little loom. They are impressive. I love the felt heart pillows too. Both of them. I'm right there with you enjoying this amazingly wonderful spring weather. I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to not living in an area where there are tornados.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wow, you have been incredibly busy, those feed sack bags are great!!! xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love that new blue weaving! And amazing the size; in a photo, I would have guessed it much larger! (which means it has good proportion)
The feed bags are great! What a super way to recycle and the perk of being colorful too!
I have found if I just write down on a scrap paper what I have done, as I do it, at the end of the day I am surprised at all I have worked on. In fact, sometimes when I don't do it, I feel like I've accomplished nothing, no matter how busy I am.
We are deceptive creatures, are we not? ;-)

Unproductive Anne

yoborobo said...

You've been very busy! I'm the same way, I feel like I haven't done much, and then when I start to post on the blog, I realize I have too many pics. :) A nice suprise. As for sun damaged skin - move over!!! I win! I might start wearing gloves 24-7. We are getting serious heat and humidity and I am missing last week's cool temps. Have fun - love those bags and your new work! xo Pam

Maggie said...

Love your "Heart Felt" pillows! The weavings are gorgeous! You have been a busy little bee. Marlene has one of your feed sack bags, and I like it a LOT!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hey Jan,
Gosh, you have been very busy stitching up these gorgeous bags.
Thanks for sharing,
Have a creative, fun filled weekend,

maggi said...

A lovely post Jan. I had to zoom in on the woven piece and the hearts to get a really close look. beautiful. I like the way that you use your feed sacks, very eco-friendly. I completely agree with you about blogging being a good way to focus on what you have done. I thought the same as you until I just did a new post!

April said...

Wow, Jan, you HAVE been busy! I really like your weaving. It is just strikingly stunning! Really! And I got to see your new beaded bracelet in person on Tuesday, and it is lovely! You always do such nice work, Jan! Your little pillowed hearts are very cute (especially the pinkish one!...My fav!) As for all the feed sack bags, they are cool and so handy! I LOVE mine! You're SO BUSY...I'm glad you have time to join me for a garage sale this morning. Can't wait! See you then!

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
as I think of course in German it is sometimes for me not so easy to express it in English. I am very delighted about all the subject you put on that post. To start with the new webbed artcraft. I like very much the fabric you put it on. Your bags wonderful!! The hearts astonishing they have something very mysterious, no that's not the right word, a kind of charme one likes to look at them. And the bracelet first view without reading your text I did know oh inspired by Ash, very creative in its form you used, green blue always a good colorcombination. You are really making a plenty of handicrafts beside your garden and housework. Oh here it is just raining cats and dogs, but at Sunday summer will come back.
Alles Liebe

Robbie said...

Love all the pics and your work!!! the loom work is so fascinating to me!! Very nice pieces! Love the bracelet too!!! Very cool!!!

Patty said...

Hey-I gotta find my old bead loom!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Seems like ages since I have come to visit you here and you have been quite busy I see!!
I really like all of the new items you have been making.
The totes are great!! Do you sell them?? I would like to purchase one if you do!!
The beaded bracelet is lovely. You are so good at beading!!
Ahh the heart"felt" pillow is adorable!!

Well my friend I am happy you are doing well and so glad I am back again to visit you.

Drop by my blog and meet my grandsons and family!

Love and hugs,


Marie S said...

I love the feed bag totes Jan. How fun, Sell them in your etsy store.
They are wonderful.
I like the hearts too and the beaded bracelet. You are very prolific.
So cool that you used your beading loom for a weaving, so smart. Looks great too!