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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Clatskanie art show

Jan and her dooleybobbers 
The show was fun but not profitable for me in a monetary sense.  The weather was lousy, maybe that had something to do with the small number of people who came to see what the vendors had on display.  It was a very small venue but the quality of the art offered for sale was high. 

Here is the outside of the Blue Nutria.  It is an event center in the small town of Clatskanie.  Great space, wonderful people were involved with the art show.  We all spent the day chatting and making purchases from each other.

Here is a not very good shot of the space but you can mostly see the wonderful chandelier hanging in the center.  It was all clean and shiny, no cobwebs on it that I could see.  You can see one of the other vendors gazing at my display board.  That gal had some wonderful beaded items for sale.

Here is my friend Kate's space.  She does wonderful felted scarves and hats.  In the photo of me you can see I am wearing one of her scarves and the cuffs to match.  She has a good sense of color and made quite a few sales.  Several of the other vendors were wearing her scarves, helping to advertise her wares.  Or is that wears?  Anyway, it was a good experience.

Be well.
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Emma said...

What a fabulous space, everything looks great & your stand really stands out! ;) The problem is getting people in & we always buy from each other being people who appreciate excellent hard work!

Missed your last post so didn't say good luck :( but what a wonderful win from Corrine! x

Karen S said...

Love the picture of you and your stuff!

Beadwright said...

I love shows like this. Small enough where everyone can just have fun and show off what they created. Don't feel too badly about people no showing up. I have heard this from many people doing spring shows around the country.

Linda in New Mexico said...

The picture of you and your pals "wears" is beautiful and well your arting is wonderful. I loved shows where the artist got to know one another but I certainly wish it had been more profitable for you. I don't think those who haven't set up for a show realize the amount of time and effort goes into that let alone the hours on the work. Arting is not a quick two step and sireee.
Be well....

maddyrose said...

What a shame there weren't more people show up for this event. From what I can see from the photos there really were gifted artists attending. I love the felted scarf and cuffs, the colors are a good choice for you and you got them at this show so now every time you wear them you'll remember the good time you had.

Perlenkatze said...

Jan, I feel sad, that not many people showed. I know that feeling very well. You've done your dooleybobbers with so much heart blood.
Hugs ^u^hugs ^u^

artymess said...

Looks good Jan ....Shame more people didn't come ....loving your dooleybobbers .....xx

maggi21 said...

Your stand looks great Jan. What a pity there were not higher visitor numbers. I am sure that word will be spread by those who did come though as it looks like there were some excellent items for sale. I do like the scarf you are wearing.

Linda said...

What a great photo lovely to see you there with your colourful artwork! Shame it wasn't profitable for you, but I suppose its all experience.

Marie S said...

What a great picture of you and your booth Jan!
I am sorry about the turn out.
It is hard not to make some money, even though you have fun. This is hard work.
I wish the best for the next one though!
Your friends scarves are wonderful and so yummy!
Have a great week!

Robbie said...

What a wonderful opportunity to at least meet and share a day with like minds!! Money isn't everything is it!

audrey said...

Hi Jan.
The photo of you next to your art is really really nice. Your display is so colorful and shows your art so well. The building looks like a great place to have shows like this one. It was nice that you mingled with the other artists and had fun in spite of the small crowd. There will be better shows in the future.
I had a nice day here in Charleston and hope to get to a few galleries tomorrow. A lot of walking here ~ my feet are hurting.
Bye for now, Jan.

yoborobo said...

Wow, Jan - they look amazing! Your art is bigger than I thought it was - lol! In my mind, they were very small. Who knows WHY I thought THAT! I always end up buying from other artists, too. It's the same with authors, we buy each other's books. I am very sure I have never actually made any money - hahah! It looks lovely, and that is a great pic of you. xo Pam

Marlene said...

Hi Jan, the show looks like it was full of beautiful items, too bad the shoppers were low in numbers. I do think the weather had a lot to do with it, we need some sun around here. The scarves are beautiful, as are your dooleybobbers.

April said...

If we only did our art for money...we would have quit a LONG time ago, huh? Robbie said it isn't everything. This was a great opportunity for you to meet more like-minded artists...even if the venue was a small one. You got t meet lots of nice people! Your easel display was beautiful, and really set off your dooleybobbers! AND this is a great photo of you, Jan! Don't become'll have other opportunities in your future. Just keep at it!

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Jan, I thought it was fantastic to see many of your pieces of art together like that. Putting them on the black background really made them pop. I agree with April...don't be discouraged. It was a terrible day, weather-wise. Had it been sunny, I think you would have had many more visitors. Your work is wonderful!

Marie S said...

I love that building, everytime I look at it it gives me a good feeling.

Jan one question, what does WOACA mean?

Jackie said...

Its good to see you. If I looked like you there'd be a lot more pictures!
Craft fairs are a mixed blessing aren't they? I have learnt rather meanly to keep my hands it my pockets at fairs..otherwise my profits go.