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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Slow progress

I have been trying to get a blog post up but many things have been interfering.  The situation in Japan has been very much on my mind.  I have friends over there and was amazed when I received an email from them, letting us know they are all alive. They live in Tokyo and their home is a shambles, but they are grateful to be alive.  Also my blogging friend has been posting daily from her Japanese home.  You might like to read her blog, I have her on my side bar or just click here: Taniwa.  She had a friend visiting when the earthquake hit, they were out sight seeing and were underground!  You should go read her blog.  It is fascinating.
My little life seems hardly worth talking about right now.  The first photo shows progress (barely) on my current dooleybobber.  I applied the denim beads with sequins, copper washers and beads.  The close up photo is unavailable right now.  My power has been going out, already twice today.  But I'm not complaining!  Just saying.  Above is my design wall, covered with various things.  My work and some gift hearts over on the right side there.
This is a glimpse of dooleybobber #13.  I will be giving it away on the other blog, Fox on the Run.  That is the group blog of my art group.  We have been having give aways all month long and they continue, so go on over and leave a comment if you care to.  I haven't posted my piece yet, it will be later, probably next week.

Many of you have asked about my llama Grace and how she has adjusted to her new home. I'm happy to report that she is doing great!  She seems to have taken it all in stride and fits right in.  Isn't she cute?
My older llamas are still not happy to have the little whippersnapper pushing her nose into their hay flakes, but there seems to be less spitting than before.  The Divas let her follow them around, although they are a bit grumpy about it, plenty of laid back ears and posturing.
The snow is gone now, it was very pretty on this sunny day.

Thanks to my newest followers, you brought me up into the 90's.  I had better figure out a good give away for if I ever hit 100.  Thank you all for following and especially for taking time to leave a comment, I always appreciate it.

Be well.
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Flowermouse Design said...

Dearest, thank you for the link to Taniwa. It was very interesting to read her story and also hard. This earthquake is so terrible. Thank you for showing your work - it´s always so nice to visit your blog!!

Let us pray for Japan and all the people there!!

Emma said...

First off, & I DO know what you mean, your "little life" is worth talking about as it might just bring a smile, inspire or just be a fun read. If we were all to beat our breast & fall into the mire there really would be nothing left...just being honest ;)& yes, we can pray at least.

You're right, it does still look like an alien, just with one eye ;)See, it works, my alien must have made you smile!)

Keep doing your lovely work.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Jan,

Yesterday I wanted to put a blogpost together and it wasn't just lack of time; it was the thought of everything else going on in the world....Trying to balance what on earth I had to say of importance when Japan is suffering so and still in mass bedlam.
I am glad you posted; the bright colors, the llamas, the continuation of things started all help to ease into life here.
I will check the blog link you provided for your Japanese friend....I cannot imagine.....


Janet Ghio said...

Love seeing the llama photos and I am going to go read your friends blog.

Karen S said...

I love what you're doing and the llama pictures do cheer me up. I, too, have been very sad about what is happening in Japan. It makes our problems here seem very small and insignificant indeed. And it's been difficult to go about my seemingly trivial life while people are dealing with such tragedy. But that's the thing -- we have to keep on because that's what life does. Cheers. -k

Beadwright said...

Hi this is a lovely post. I absolutley love your Llamas. Ohhh and your desing wall. LOL
I can not longer look at the pictures of Japan. Since visiting there in 09, I left a part of my heart there. Now to see these wonderful, gentle, loving people go through the worse of the worse is too much for me to take. I have only heard from two of my friends there. They are OK but.....

dosfishes said...

Glad your friends are okay and you were able to hear from them. It is an overwhelming and unthinkable catastrophe that will reverberate through the world for a long time. All the more reason to live your life - not so little - cherish your loved ones and keep on creating. All that positive energy goes out into the world. Llama love all round. xox Corrine

audrey said...

Hello sweet friend.
Thank you for the link to Tanya's blog. It was very interesting to read a firsthand account of what is happening in Japan. I am happy that your friends are alright.
Your dooleybobber looks like a shot of the earth from outer space. The blues are so vivid and deep. I am sure it will be beautiful when completed.
Grace is so cute. I never thought about the fact that the llamas have personalities. I'm glad she is adjusting well.
Jan, please know that all your followers enjoy seeing your artwork, as well as reading anything you post on your blog.
♥♥♥ audrey

Marlene said...

Beautiful work Jan, Looking forward to seeing it finished. I will definitely check out your friend's blog, that earthquake was so devastating. How did you do in the windstorms yesterday? We lost power until 2 this morning but lost no trees.

Heloise said...

Your first piece of work looks as if one is looking out of a cabin hole onto the world and all it's oceans.

Lama's look happy.

Anja said...

Dear Jan,
japanese people are very strong and have a discipline which is amazing, that will help them. Here special trained people are now starting to fly to Japan to help them, this is the good side of Globalism.
To look at your processes and your Ljamas is such a relief, thank you also for your kind comment on my blog.

maggi said...

I am glad to hear that your friends are safe, such a tragedy and seemingly not over yet. Thank you for letting us see Grace again and it is good to hear that she has settled in.

April said...

I can't imagine how those poor people are dealing with all that devastation! Losing your food,'s just horrible! I'm not really sure if American's can really, truly appreciate how blessed our lives are, here in the states. I try to pray for them every day!
Jan, your little Grace is so cute! I'm glad she's starting to be accepted into the family.
I love the beadwork around your world of blue seas. Did you sew the gold boxes or are those painted? So cool!

Patty said...

Jan, so happy to see Grace is fitting in better. Also thanks for the link to your friend's blog. It
must be a terrible situation for all, even those with intact structures. Her blog helps me feel
connected somehow.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

So happy to visit you and your blog this evening. I love your newest Blue ocean has such meaning to it. Here we are on the beautiful blue planet that sometimes rocks us so violently...shaking us to attention to appreciate what we have that is so precious.

I love seeing your Llamas and Grace is such a sweetheart!!



Linda said...

I've been wondering about Grace....I'm so glad she's doing well. The photos are delightful :-)
I love the stitching and beads etc around your felted circle ...its progressing very nicely.
As for the poor Japanese; they are teaching us all a lesson about dignity.

Martha Bright said...

Your work is beautiful as always. Haven't checked your blog in a while. Really like this new kick you are on! That's what I love about fiber art--there's always something new to experiment with.

Sweet llamas! Would you believe there was an emu running loose in State College?? Some people thought it was mine--I am so famous for having weird animals.

Made a comment on FB about your handsome brother. I'll bet your SIL was mad that you posted that pic and had all those gals throwing themselves at him!