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Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet Grace

I picked up a new llama last week.  She is one year old and her name is Grace.  My long term readers might remember my talking about my old (81) friend Joan, affectionately known as the Llama Lady.  She has had a bad few months and can no longer live out here alone, taking care of all her animals.  She has finally come face to face with this and has had to re-home all her animals and move into an apartment in the city.  To help her out I decided I could fit one more llama into my herd.
Little Grace easily fit into my van.  Here she is, getting her first look at her new home. 
Here are my Diva's, getting their first glimpse of the new girl.

I removed Grace's halter and she soon hopped out of the van on her own.  
 The Diva's came running over to check her out.  Grace was brave and stood her ground.
 Here comes big boy Indie, to do his own checking out.
 After everyone had a good sniff they began to move away from Grace, who pursued them.  I was surprised that all my llamas seemed almost to be afraid of Grace and they ran away fast through the woods, heading for home, leaving poor Grace behind.  She seemed to be afraid to go through the woods.  I checked on her frequently and brought her hay out in the field.  Next day it was the same, my old llamas wanted nothing to do with this young upstart and left her alone in the field.  Finally I went out with a pan of grain, stood near her until she would approach me which took an hour of standing still, but once she started eating the grain I was able to lead her down the lane and home.  I closed the gates so all the llamas are stuck in the fields near the house for now until they adjust to Grace, and she to them.  She seems to be quite at her ease, but the others are having more trouble.  I notice she has green slime on her ears, evidence of being spit upon.  But she is doing great.  Everyone will adjust in time.
Indie and Grace
I hope you all are doing fine too.  Spring is right around the corner, already the daffodils are showing their green heads and my snow drops are blooming, the birds are singing their wild songs.  Won't be long now.  

Oh, I almost forgot, Happy Valentines Day to you all.  I♥ you.

Be well.
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Cameron said...

Jan, It sounds like your new llama is lucky to have you around to help her out. I get a kick out of you prima donna's, great name for them.

Emma said...

It can be tough joining a new crowd (I never quite got the green slime thank goodness!) but you get there in the end, with, as you know, sheer determination;)

Steph said...

poor little Grace :-( ... makes me remember (and sad) coming in a new class-room when I was young... it wasn't a nice situation for me...
But wow!!!! you've got llamas!!!! That sounds great!!!
I keep my fingers crossed for little Grace tat she soon "settles down" (? ...vocabulary???)!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Grace is darling---I can see bringing her home in a heartbeat.
I am sure the others will adjust; I suppose it is normal herd behavior to be cautious at first.
Of course, humans do it for no reason....hmmmmmm.....I'm thinking the llamas probably are smarter.
All the lovely wool on them...oh, sweaters, socks, scarves! :-)


Janet Ghio said...

I'm glad you were able to bring Grace home--I hope the other llamas will accept her soon!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i hope all the divas adjust to little grace soon. it's no fun being on the outside of the "in" crowd. keep us up to date on how they are doing.

Marlene said...

Grace is a beauty! Hope they all adjust to each other soon. Do you use their wool in your art?

artymess said...

I hope Grace will fit in I expect it will take time ......x

maggi said...

Such a relief that Grace is starting to settle in. I am sure that they will make her welcome in the end. Bet the Llama Lady is glad that Grace has gone to a new home although I am sure she will miss both her and her old life.

Marie S said...

Poor Joan, to have to admit that must be tough for her and to leave all of her animals, at least one of them is with you.
Grace will be fine, but I hope Joan will too!
You are a good woman Jan.
Love and many hugs.

Nancy said...

Grace got spit on?? Poor girl. Hope they are all happy together soon. And so good you could help Joan by taking Grace in. Hope Joan and Grace both adjust well to their new places.

dosfishes said...

Grace is a sweetie. So young and so brave to be at ease with your herd. Daffodils here too. Feels weird to me, but rain, which is okay, lots of room for meditation. Xox corrine

Anja said...

Very exciting to have a friend who has llamas. ;-)) In Europe it is totally unusual. Hope Grace will be part of your Diva's group soon.
So lovely you shared that with us!

sjmcdowell said...

What a handsome herd of Llamas you have Jan! Little Grace is a sweetie and I 'm sure your other Llamas will get use to her soon.

Nice to know your snow drops are out now...yes it won't be too long now for spring...sigh of relief.

I hope you had a good Valentines Day as well!

Hugs to you,


Robbie said...

so funny! We have a 'Grace' too!! It's my blue front amazon!!! Llamas are just like horses...t will take awhile but they'll adjust..just takes sometime doesn't it.

Linda said...

Ahh....Grace is so beautiful! I would definitely let her be in my gang :-)

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
Been a while~Wow, Llama's~what do you do with them?
They do have very cute faces and i'm sure Gracie will settle in real quick.
How sweet of you to take her on.
You're latest art pieces are looking fabulous, loads of work in each piece.
Happy creating,

Tanya said...

Llamas?! Wow! You would be in the newspaper in Japan! I do hope Grace and the other llamas adjust to each other. Keep us posted. And I hope your friend Joan will adjust too. Just knowing that one of her sweethearts is being taken care of is a great blessing to her I'm sure.

Karen S said...

I love llamas. They're so beautiful. There is a farm just south of here that I used to drive past every day on my way to work that has a whole field full of them. I always meant to stop and take pictures. Now I can just look at yours instead. ♥

Heloise said...

I hope that Grace has settled in well.

I'm not sure what I will do with my notebooks yet.

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Wow, I didn't know you had llamas! I hope Grace is settled in better now and the others no longer spit on her. I hope the rest of the animals found good homes also.

April said...

She looks so sweet, Jan. You are gonna love her. She is a lucky little llama to get to come and live with you.

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Grace looks like a sweetie, Jan. You amaze me...she fit in your van! I'm so glad you took her. I know she will have a good home. No one loves animals like you do.

Patty said...

Oh, being the new girl can be hard,
but green slime?! She's a beauty.

Eileen said...

Wow...another llama. We have a large llama ranch just north of us..Tuxedo Llamas...what a great source of fibre!!! I hope Grace has adjusted...tough being the new kid.

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Not only an artist but a 'llama whisperer' too! I hope Grace and the others have now got used to each other. I wonder if you use their wool in your artwork?