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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Home again

"Portals"  20"X20" (Sold!)
I finally got in to pick up my fiber art pieces that had been on display/for sale in the cafe.  They left them up for a couple of months but now they are doing some remodeling and didn't want my work to get dusty.  After I got them all home again I decided to put these three up on the wall in my house.  This first one is titled "Portals".
Close up showing rusted scrim used in the garment, and the painted paper clay molded face.
I stamped the sun image and did additional painting on it.  The greenish clouds are made with painted and heat distressed tyvek.

The background is a hand painted old linen napkin.  Now that I think about it, this was really the beginning of my hand stitching direction I seem to be mostly sticking with these days.  This piece is entirely hand stitched.
"The Fire Within"   14"X16"
This second piece also uses a bit of heat distressed painted tyvek, and various fabric bits and couched fibers and beads.  Again, entirely hand stitched.
"Layers"  13"X13"(Sold!)
  This piece has lots of couched strips of dyed scrim and plenty of beads and bits of stone and shell stitched down.  Hand embroidery holds the layers together.

That is my little gallery of fiber arts in the prime showcase area in my house for now.  I like to rotate things, usually I put my most recently finished pieces there if they fit.  I hope you enjoyed this viewing of some of my older pieces.  They are all for sale if anyone is interested.

I'm concerned for all of you who have been hit by the big storm that is passing through.  I pray that you are all safe and waiting out the storm until things can get back to normal.  You all take care and be well.
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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love all of them Jan---I think the middle is my favorite, if I had to pick just ONE. ;-)
We are back on a delayed schedule here---taking DH to work due to the wind chill expectations today. Afraid the car will freeze up!
Which means if *I* am not too frozen up, I will have some studio time today.
WHOOO-HOOO! (and hopefully I can MOVE)


Emma said...

My favorite is the fire within, lovely. Good to have old friens home!

I'm off out into the garden to batten down the hatches, as we've got a slight breeze in the North of the UK, too. There's a door nearly banging off it's hinges & I'd better get the watering cans under cover!

artymess said...

jan lovely pieces of work the fire within beautiful piece ....I hope the heart i sent you hasn't got caught in all the snow ......take care .....x

Marlene said...

They are all lovely Jan. I could not pick a favorite as there is something in all of them I really like.

Nancy said...

WOW! These are wonderful. I esp. love "Layers". There is a ton of work in every one of these. Your embellishment stash must be quite amazing.

dosfishes said...

I really love knowing how much of your hand is in the work. There is something so much more satisfying about using your hands than a machine. Although machines are fun, they don't provide the space for
organic movement that your hands do. Lovely work all Jan. xox corrine

audrey said...

These are beautiful, Jan. I think it is great that you hang them in your home and appreciate your art work.
All three pieces are wonderful! I realize how much time and work went into each of these.
Could you email me the price of "Layers", please? I remember seeing this piece back when you first hung the show in the cafe. It is speaking to me. (: I started creating a small fabric piece, but it is slow going. I've not been blogging much or getting too much done. Been spending a lot of time with family. My sister and b-i-l are leaving Saturday and then things will be somewhat back to normal.
♥ audrey

yoborobo said...

Jan, I love all of them. Your colors are just yummy. I love those blues with the oranges and reds. Gorgeous!
I have been OWOHing, and my brain is overloaded from blogs and creativity - haha! xox Pam

Tam Hess said...

As usual I am enchanted by the colors you use! Beautiful pieces. Thanks sooooo much for the show and tell, very inspiring. :)

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

must be nice to have your art back home again! The colors are so beautiful!
I love the "Portals" it reminds me of Colorado when I lived there and the American Indians when they would go on their spirit journeys through the portals of time.

Well I wish you a great day my friend!!


Karen S said...

I love them all -- I think "Portals" is my favorite, though. All the different techniques work so well together on that one.

We had around 20 inches of snow over two days -- but we're all dug out and safe. Just waiting on spring...

Heather Woollove said...

I love 'layers'!!

Approachable Art said...

Oh Jan, these are marvelous!

Anja said...

Oh you sold it, lucky person who got it. It looks like a good artistical work, sooner or later you will get well known in your country!

maggi said...

I'm so glad you got them all home safely, except of course the one that sold - well done. Great for you to have them around you.

Cécile Meraglia said...

All these pieces are beautiful!!! I realized I did not answer your question about my work in grey, are the true colors, it's not a black and white photography. Excuse me.