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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Mail day!

Susan at Art of Mine recently sent me this wonderful package of hand made gifts.  Okay, she didn't make the Dove chocolates, but she did make the envelopes out of pretty magazine pages, and she made the necklace with the little bird picture on it.
This little fabric book was the most wonderful thing!  She chose the fabric with me in mind, knowing that I am involved with harvesting hay during the summer. 
See that print?  It is so cool.  Luckily that isn't the way I harvest hay, but it makes for a nice picture.

She created the yo yo and embellished it with beads and golden paint. I love the Inspire charm.
The bird pendant is lovely, so shiny and sweet.  I haven't taken it off since it arrived.  She told me how she made it and I wrote down the product but I have forgotten the name.  Good thing I wrote it down.
I love this tag that she made.  The photo doesn't do it justice, it is very subtly shiny and so pretty.  The whole fabric book was full of tags like these, she said it was a Christmas tag book.
See this beautiful coat?  She also gave it to me.  She bought it years ago but it no longer fit her and she thought it would fit me and it does!  What lovely colors!  It was purchased in England from a place that raised the sheep that were sheared to make the yarn and wholly created right there!

The generosity was rather overwhelming and much appreciated.  Susan has a lovely blog, Art of Mine, and shows some of the beautifully crafted things she creates.  What is amazing to me is that I know she has problems with her eye sight, and yet she can make these lovely items that require her to endure the discomfort of eye strain, but she is dedicated enough that she works around that problem as best she can.  Thank you so much, Susan!  I am honored to receive these gifts from your heart and hands.

Here on the farm we are making sure that the animals are all on high ground due to the flood watch we are currently on.  It has been raining and very warm, we call this type of storm the Pineapple Express, it comes over from Hawaii way rather than the storms that come down from Alaska bringing snow and cold.  It is 53 degrees Fahrenheit outside now at 7:30pm.  That's about what it was last summer here.  There is water running everywhere, bubbling up out of the ground, dripping off every twig and branch.  I hope you all are staying safe and warm, I know there are bad blizzards in the midwest part of the country.
Be well.
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Susan said...

What a lovely package!

maggi said...

What beautiful gifts Jan, especially the tag book. I can just see you in that coat too. Does it say where it is from?

sonja said...

what lovely gifts and the coat! oh my!

glad u can get your animals to higher ground! we just had that storm last week thunder and lightning and torrents and i lost a few baby chicks.

i enjoy your blog and i made a tote from a wild bird seed bag after seeing your rather handsome big chicken one....will need to make a trip to my only local feed store this week to see what they have as they empty large bags into smaller amounts for backyard /small flock/herd buyers.

now to go finish my quilt order promised before xmas, this year!

a hui hou,Sonja

dosfishes said...

Fantastic gifts. Stay safe with the weather. We got rain and warm too, but now it is cold and damp, welcome to winter.....xox Corrine

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

I am soooo pleased that you liked all the gifts I sent to you!!

Yes I made the Dove candy!!!
Ha Ha Ha!!

The Glossy Accents from Ranger is the stuff I used to create the little picture inside of the pendant. It is a clear gloss medium that dries to a shiny, clear, hard surface. It is wonderful stuff for creating these pendants or using it as a three dimensional effect! Acid free and non toxic!!

So pleased you can wear the Jacket
it came from Shropshire, England.
The business is operated by a husband and wife. They raise the sheep and then the wife creates beautiful jackets and hats and gloves from the wool!!

Hope the rain you are having will subside soon and you can dry out a bit!!

Warm Hugs,


Robbie said...

How wonderful for you to be the receiver of these gifts!!! Very nice! Hope you and animals are safe and sound! Love the 'hay print'!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

what wonderful, beautiful gifts! i love the hay print. the book, the tag...everything is just wonderfully done. you must be a special friend!

Nancy said...

All are lovely and such thoughtful gifts!

Anja said...

What a lovely friend Susan is. Amazing what Susan can handicraft however her eyes are not so good. Her Jacket looks really very beautiful in its colours, I can imagine that they fit very good to you. Pineapple Express what a cute word for such a mess. Hopefully rain will stop soon, here we have again snow and it really takes more time to come from one point to the other.
Have a nice time dear Jan!