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Friday, December 31, 2010

Anniversary and Tucker

Today is my one year anniversary of this blog. Congratulations to me! It has been a surprisingly joyful ride and I have made some wonderful new friends. Laughing Dog Arts. I began this blog with a dog photo post so I shall make this anniversary post with more dog photos.
My friend Larry was dog sitting his daughter's Great Dane. She had recommended that he bring the big boy out here for a visit because she fondly remembered coming here herself when she was little and thought Tucker would enjoy it. We all enjoyed it. Rocky thought Tucker was a wonderful new friend, Sadie wasn't so sure but she put up with him. Once we got them outside for a walk she discovered that she and Tucker shared a love of chasing the ball. Luckily we had two balls so there was no competition. Tucker really enjoyed being able to be off leash.
I haven't been around such a huge dog in many years. He was such a gentle mellow dog, but let loose when it was appropriate, on the walk. I could have kept him, even if he did practically fill my little house. His back was level with my counter tops. We joked that we could just fill the sink up with water for him to drink out of, but it was true, we could have. It was a fun visit for all of us.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to stop by my blog and spend a few moments checking out whatever I had to post about. It has been a joyful journey and I look forward to another year of it. I wish you all a blessed new year and hope you receive all the best that life has to offer.

Be well and remember,
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dosfishes said...

Happy New Year to you too. Love to see the dogs just having so much fun. What a great quote at the end. Glad to have met you in blog world and dog world. xox corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Congrats on the FIRST YEAR!!! And may there be many more to follow.
Now, by the way, I don't think that is a DOG----it looks more like a PONY or a HORSE! OMG!!!! What a canine!!! I'm certainly glad that Rocky and Sadie were A-OK with him..... ;-)
The trees look so pretty there; we are down to mud and well, more mud. Was hoping for snow to cover the dead earth, but not so lucky this time.
Have a Happy New Year~~got the gumbo pot full and hot!!!


audrey said...

My goodness, that is a large dog! It looks like you all had a great time together.
Congratulations on your 1 year Blog anniversary, Jan. It goes by fast, doesn't it?
Your blog has been fun to visit ~ you post fun, interesting and colorful things. The best result of your blog for me, though, has been the becoming good friends part. I look forward to many more posts in 2011 and getting to know you even better!
♥♥♥ audrey

Karen said...

Happy New Year and HAppy Blogiversary!So glad I found your blog it is always a pleasure to read!

Robbie said...


Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! and Happy New Year too!

Nancy said...

Thanks for stopping to visit Lily the new kitty on my blog. Your visitor is enormous!! Handsome, too. Looks like everyone got along and enjoyed their outing. A happy and creative New Year to you, and congrats on the one-year of blogging.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

OMG that has to be the biggest dog I have ever seen!! I am glad your dogs got along with him and visa versa!
The road you were walking on looked so nice and peaceful and looks like you had some sunshine as well.

My husband and I just came back from dinner and a movie and thought I would pop in and say
hi to you!!

I wish you every possible happiness in the coming new year of 2011. This "almost past" year has gone by soo fast for me, hard to believe it's almost gone.

One of the best things about 2010 was finding such wonderful friends
here in Blogland....and you my friend are one of the Blessings that have come out of my tentative exploring the world of Blogging!!

Hugs and Happy New Year Smiles!!


Elena said...

Congrats on your one year blog-versary! And I LOVE that huge dog!

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

happy blogging birthday, jan! i have really enjoyed your blog and getting to know you. i always look forward to what you write about next. here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous and blessed 2011 my friend!!!

and holy crow, that is one monster dog!!!! lol i don't think i've ever seen one that big!!!

Emmy said...

happy new year and a happy blogging

Heloise said...

I have never seen such a big do, looks like you all had fun. Wonderful quote. Wishing you a great year ahead.

artymess said...

Jan what a great Doggie post to celebrate your 1 yr anniversary.......what a fantastic dog Tucker is I'm pleased he had such a great afternoon with your pack ......Happy New doggie year to you Rocky and Sadie

Linda said...

Oh my goodness...I don't think I've ever seen such a huge dog!!! I wonder how much dog food they buy in a week.....?

Congratulations on your first year of blogging Jan :-)
And Happy New Year!

April said...

Congratulations, Jan, on your one year anniversary. That's great! I know how much you've enjoyed it, and from what I can see, so have your visitors! Happy New Year to you, my friend! Can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us. Know it will be ARTFUL AND ART FULL!

Karen S said...

Congratulations on your first year -- I wish you many more happy and creative years.

sonja said...

happy new year and congrats on your anniversary blog year. you have shared lovely and creative art with the world!

Anja said...

Oh Rocky looks so little beside your friends dog. Have a good start into the new year!!


fav cuz Karen said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you Jan! It is so fun to read your blog again and see what you've been making! I didn't know you had all those jackets on hand...will any fit me? (size GIANT?) I love my chenille v-neck soooo much - I think I should buy that light colored jacket too. That dog is GIANT too! I hope Ginger doesn't get that big. Love, your fav cuz Karen

Emma said...

That is one huge dog! i used to want a great dane & a Yorkshire terrior (tiny!)until I learnt that the dane eats what you'd feed a family of 5... twice a day!Very happy with my Spaniel ;)

Happy one year happy new year, glad we've joind each other in this great blog world.

maggi said...

What a great quote Jan. Can't believe how small Rocky looks beside Tucker

Perlenkatze said...

Dear Jan,
First of all a related Happy New Year form over the ocean. *Hugs*

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun with the dogs. Must have been hard for you, when Tucker parted.

Congratiolation for one year of bloging. I'm looking forwart to see more of your art on Laughing dog arts.
Lot of hugs

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Happy Blogging Anniversary! My 4 year one will be coming up on the 13th!

Tucker looks like a beautiful dog and it looks like a good time was had by all.

Tanya said...

How fun! When I was a child we had a black Great Dane. When he wagged his tail everything got swept off the table!