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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Lovely gifts

It is so much fun to get presents in the mail!  Awhile back I received these lovely gifts from Martha.  She makes the cutest things!  The yellow item is a fabric bracelet.  It is the softest short napped velvet with sweet embroidery and applique on.  The little zipper bag with the applique bird was just what I needed.  I had recently given my zippered bag away when my SIL admired it.  I like to keep my little mp3 player in it, and it will also hold my camera.  Can't go anywhere without my camera these days except I never seem to have it when something really interesting is happening.  The cuff has a cute print of dancing foxes on the back and the bag has a print of Matryoshka dolls inside.  Very nicely constructed, both of these items.

Can you see the little pit bull faced necklace?   Martha knows my love for the bully breed and gifted me this lovely necklace.  I might make myself one of the beaded hearts and put it on there as my charm.  It is really a sweet silver charm.  Oh, the fabric is great, isn't it?  I am hoarding it for something really special.  Also she gave me the fabric heart that she stitched on multiple layers of fabrics and the center heart is soft leather.  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  I've been friends with Martha even before I began to blog, but we have never met irl.  Not yet!  Thanks Martha!  I truly love these gifts from the heart.

Here is Charlie, holding down my latest Dooleybobber.  It is under him somewhere.  I guess he likes to lay on felt and threads and needles.  

I can't have a picture of Charlie without a picture of Rocky.  He is so rambunctious!  Rocky!  Slow down!  Remember your heart condition!!

Today I've been listening to Mark Knopfler.  Enjoying Get Lucky.

Hope you all get lucky and Be Well.
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yoborobo said...

Those are beautiful gifts. The best part is that they seem perfectly suited to you. Martha knows you! :)) And I am cracking up at Rocky. Take it easy, Rocky! RELAX! LOL!! xox Pam

Marlene said...

Wonderful gifts and they are perfect for you. I love your cat he is beautiful. Oh Rocky is adorable and looks all to energetic.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Blessed with gifts and two amazing pets---Jan, you arelucky indeed!
That picture of Rocky is priceless!!! I think it should be the front of a greeting card, or a poster to remind us it's okay to slow down and take it easy! ;D


Janet Ghio said...

What nice gifts! I love the photo of your dog--my dog Sparky sleeps like that all the time--that's a sign of true trust and contentment!!

Linda in New Mexico said...

Great's great when someone "knows" our likes..probably one of the highest compliments. It means they've been paying attention. You are a very Lucky lady.....and your animals are funtastic. My cat Sunny Bunny Boo Boo head loves to "bless" my work with his physicality, whether I chose that or not. And your dog is a delight. Happy Fall, The Olde Bagg

Martha Bright said...

Thanks for all the compliments, Jan! I love making stuff for people who appreciate it. Nothing better than that when it comes to creative activity!

Rocky is so funny. He and RicRac need to be side-by-side. That little stinker sleeps like that too.

sjmcdowell said...


Wonderful gifts from your friend!! I know it
can make your heart feel so warm and loved when friends are so thoughtful!!
Well I think Charlie wants to add his own fibers to your newest Dooleybobber!! Rocky
is a Ham!!! Too cute they both are!!!

A Doolybobber Hug to ya!!


Marie S said...

It is so wonderful to receive prenets in the mail.
I LOVE my Broken hearts hanging. Did I tell you that. No, no, I adore it. I ADORE it. It is so well done and the stiching is so even too.
So well done. Just blows me away!!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
I ADORE it!!

lynne h said...

lol, rocky really *should* learn how to take it easy!!! keep playing mark, that'll mellow him out... ; ) xo

Nancy said...

Wonderful gifts! Sweet dreams Charlie and Rocky.

maggi said...

Gorgeous gifts Jan. Your four legged friends are just so cute but Rocky is the epitome of 'chill-out'.

Anja said...

Dear Jan, dear Martha it is such a nice moment to look at your friendship. The little gifts with a great personal value show a lot. Everything looks so made from the heart. The necklace is cute looks really like Rocky on it. And why all cats like to sit on what one is just doing? Can anyone tell me? ;-)
Have a great time! Anja

Ces said...

NO!!!!!! This is my second attempt.

Okay, Rocky's photo is so funny!

Thank you for your lovely comment. I love Ella Fitzgerald. I had all of her songbooks when I was 24. I was old-fashioned then.

I would love to see the different bamboo varieties in your farm, someday.

I have an award for you!


Robbie said...

love the pics of 'your children'...Mandy lays like Rocky is's her regime every morning before she gets out of bed!