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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gifts from the heart

One of the best things about blogging is all the wonderful people I have been meeting and becoming friends with. I never would have met my German friend Anja if not for blogging. We have been getting to know each other and seem to have made a special connection. Sister Friends! That's what we are becoming. She knew my birthday was last month and she sent me this wonderful package of goodies. The blue eyed dog was on the card. Most special were the mits she knitted for me! I totally love the colors and they are amazingly soft. They fit quite nicely.  Thank you so much Anja!  These gifts mean a lot to me.

Love those little buttons on the cuffs, what a nice touch. The miyuki beads are certainly going to be used up, such a pretty color. She also included several little felt hearts, I'll be incorporating those into one of my projects for sure. The sea green fiber I have already used a bit of in dooleybobbers #7, which I showed a couple of posts ago.  I gifted it to Anja, along with a beaded heart.   Here is another picture of it with the beaded heart included:
She has received it now so I can post about it.  If you have time you might enjoy viewing her blog:

If that weren't enough, I also recently received a gift that I won from Ces when she had a giveaway on her blog,

She does the most amazing drawings and lovely paintings.  Some very thought provoking art comes from her fertile mind.  I am so happy I won this little matted drawing of the acorn.  An acorn is a very fertile subject matter in itself.  The drawing is about 3.25"x2.25", a bit smaller than an artists trading card (ATC).  I see I should have removed the plastic sleeve this was in, it has created some weird reflections.  Ignore those reflections!  Just don't ignore the art.  Thanks Ces!  I love my acorn.

I am very blessed to have met such wonderful people through blogging.  Watch this space for my next post.  It will be my 100th and I will have a giveaway.  Until then,

Be well.
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Anja said...

Soon after starting blogging one day I saw a stiched heart on a blog. I was so touched by its beauty and how it was made what colours, materials and stiches has been used. And soon I recognized the warmhearted richly talented lady behind this handicraft, Jan. The day before yesterday coming home from work, I received a package, wondering what did I order? Oh it is from Jan. I can't describe how much I was, I am deeply moved when opening it. First the little book, I love books, this is a book with pure tenderness. When opening it, it takes you to a beautiful place in your soul. The stiched picture, my whole life never hold such an amazing wonderful handicraft in my hands. It is a lovely piece you can take again and again in your hand and you see something new in it. It is not only made for our eyes also to touch it is wonderful. Do you know how heaven on earths feels I know it, thank you so very much for these both treasures, Jan
A big hug from over the ocean! Anja

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Lovely presents Jan! Isn't blogging just about the best? 99.99% of the people who blog are good people and it is like an extended family---of the relations you LIKE! LOL!!!
Congrats on the nice things!!!


Marlene said...

Jan, your gifts are lovely, the mitts look so comfy. This community of bloggers and artisan's of all kinds is an amazing place.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
How sweet to receive such lovely gifts.
Yeah, I have to agree with Anne-most bloggers are friendly, caring, helpful people.
Happy creating,

Robbie said...

I agree! Blogger friends are the best aren't they!!! I just feel like I have family all over!! Love the eyes on the dog (card!)...and the fingerless gloves are perfect!!! Very nice gifts for a very nice lady!

Heather Woollove said...

What beautiful friendships are being made through blogging!! I've had similar experiences in the past year...where I feel as if I've known someone for a lifetime, yet we've never really 'met'!!
Your gifts are wonderful and your generosity will continue to bless you.
Here's to more blogging and more great blogging friends!!

audrey said...

Well, Jan, Anne and I have discussed this through emails. She is going to have Jack Sparrow come to her house and be her Gardener. She has given me permission to move in with her. Since Johnny and Jack are the same person, you might as well join in and come live with us too.

Perlenkatze said...

On Satureday I held Anja's gift im my hands and I've to tell you that it looks even more beautifull, in nature than othe picture.
Lot of love