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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Susan's ATC

Recently a blogging friend and I agreed to do an ATC trade. I received hers before she received mine but I'm a bit embarrassed that she blogged about receiving mine before I got around to blogging about hers. That one above is from Susan over at The funny thing is, we didn't have any theme, it was just make what ever you want. Yet, our ATC's to each other were remarkably similar.
I forgot to take a picture of mine before I sent it so I have taken this from Susan's blog.  You see that we both put butterflies into our ATC's.   I love my newest ATC and will put it into my growing collection.  Susan has only begun, this one to me might have only been the second ATC she made.  It's lovely!  Thanks Susan!  Fun trade.

Today I am listening to NPR's list of 50 most important music recordings.  It is a pretty interesting list, with contributions from listeners.  Here is the link in case any of you want to listen to the song selections:  I sure enjoy hearing new music.  Right now it is a song by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss from Raising Sand. An unusual pairing that really works.  

Still having wonderful hot weather here.  I hope the rest of you are enjoying some fine weather, where ever you are.

Be well.
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sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Awww you make me blush!! It was so much
fun creating this for you!! I knew when I found the little torn butterfly that was in my stash of stuff that this was the basis of your ATC I wanted to make for you. I knew that you loved nature so that was my inspiration.

I love the one you made for me Jan and I always chuckle when I read it!! ;)
I really like it that both are so similar.

I just noticed that your nature sounds here
on your blog match the ATC's we made for each other!! chirp chirp... buzz buzz... drip drip

I have to go listen to your music now!!

Hugs and Smiles,


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Love the Atcs with the butterflies! Well, I love butterflies.....
Hey, I really like the background nature sound you added---I feel like I am right in the woods as I read! Lovely Jan~~knew you'd have a good blog! :)


Bunny said...

What fun that is. Although I feel dumb not know what the heck an ATC is LOL. They are beautitful however>

Marlene said...

Great trade, both cards are so lovely.

Approachable Art said...

They're darling :)

Marie S said...

I love them both. I love the fact that you both had butterflies and on the same side even with the same slant.
That's one of those "get out of my head" moments.
Love and hugs

Perlenkatze said...

Jan, mir gefallen die Karten sehr. Sie strahlen vor Lebensfreude.
Ganz liebe Grüße

maggi said...

Lovely ATCs Jan

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jan,
Great ATC's!
How funny you both added butterflys.
I also recently joined in an ATC swap and added a butterfly on one card.
Happy painting,

Anja said...

dear Jan,
what means ATC can you write the meaning for every letter? I understand one just gives the other some selfmade artist work. I liked also your book on Susan blog made from you. Just starting to hear the music, my little chart from it: astonishing is Ali Farka! then from a-z Bon Iver, like a rendevous! Kelly Clarkson, like the style! Green Day, wow got the feeling! Iron & Wine, sweet dream this voice! Juanes rhythm!LCD Soundsystem, I love little smart techno too ;-)The Postal Service, so nice soft pop! Sufjan Stevens great sound!
This was really a little blog party! ;-)
About what music someone likes one get also the other known a little bit more. Perhaps you mail me your favorites.

Sufjan Stevens

Jan said...

ATC stands for Artists Trading Card. The format is 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, about the size of a playing card. People make them out of anything and trade them. I have made many that are of fabric, some of collaged paper or anything at all. It is a fun little thing to do and you get a little pocket sized piece of art in return. Sometimes they are called ACEO's or Artists Cards Editions and Originals. Those are ones that people sell.

Deborah said...

How wonderful is that, you were both thinking along the same wave length!!! Love them both.
**kisses** Deb