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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dooleybobber # 7

Here is my latest needle felted, beaded, stitched piece. 

Again, this is built on a piece of wool batting.  The finished piece measures about 5.5"x6.5"

I pick up old jewelry at garage sales and some of those pieces are finding their way into my art, which is why I buy them.  The little 4 point thing with turquoise in the center of the buttons was a part from an earring. 

I love these little felted beads.  The dark pink fringe stuff at the bottom there is a piece of selvage from a cotton fabric.  I knew I was saving that for something! 

The white thing is a piece of shell from the beach, and the star pin is another garage sale find.  Oh, and a bit more avocado net bag in there.  Can you tell I am really enjoying creating these little dooleybobbers?  Finding a way to use all the little collected odd bits and pieces.  On to my next piece.  Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.

Be well.
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sjmcdowell said...


I love your new Doolybobber #7!!

I really like the avocado netting,
it looks embroidery.
I think my favorite is the felted's

wonderful color scheme too!



Marlene said...

Jan, this is great. I love the colors. It reminds me of a zentangle (which I have been doing lately) but with lots of texture.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

i think the most unique thing is the pink "fringe" from the edge of the fabric...very creative! love the heart and how the colors swirl and twirl. this must have been a lot of fun to make, because it is a lot of fun to look at!

suziqu's thread works said...

This is my first visit to your blog. This little
"Dooleybobber" (what a gorgeous name) is what I call a real piece of creativity with so many different found bits! Lovely work!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

These are wonderful Jan---I love seeing what you have put together and what they are made of. The story is as interesting as the piece!
I still think you need a show of them all---mounted on black canvas, hanging in a row on a gallery wall!


yoborobo said...

Jan - this is beautiful. I keep thinking of titles for your pieces. Like 'Heart Songs', or something that talks about love and music, because that's what they remind me of. :) They would look lovely centered on a dark ground. You could paint a wrapped canvas black and then stitch it in the center. Okay, enough of my unsolicited advice! LOL!! Have a great day - xox Pam

Ces said...


This is my favorite of all your work! This truly is. Very colorful. I love the picture it conveys.

Egads JAN! There are so many creatures here. The birds are fine but there better not be any snakes...

EEEEEEEEKKK! OMG! Jan, snakes in your pocket! Whoaaa! How do you know it is not poisonous or won't bite you? Ugh! I can't take the image off my mind. Jan and her snake. Better you than me. Snakes! Egads!

I would be safer with a dog beside me. A dog who can identify snakes. Dogs are smarter than people when sensing danger.

Have a lovely week, my dear sisterfriend. I will be announcing the winners as soon as I finish returning comments.

Robin Olsen said...

Very fun! I'm especially partial to the little cocoon-like beads on the side.

Ces said...

Hello and congratulations!

You won my give-away. Please drop me a line and email me your mailing address. If you are giving me a P.O. Box, please know that the package measures at least 9" x 12". Due to customs requirements, I do not think I can send to a P.O. Box, if you live across the ocean. I will email you when I have mailed your package. Thank you for participating.


maggi said...

I love the way that you are using your collected bits, they are so pretty.

Anja said...

You are pretty good to find at garage sales the beads for your lovely works. The heart draws full of my attention. I like it very much, it looks so warm. And with all the nice colours in it.

audrey said...

LOVE this one. Oh, heck, I LOVE them all!! I agree with Pam and Anne - these need to be on a gallery wall for all to see.
And for sale so I can buy one. (: have snakes in your pocket??
♥ audrey

Ces said...

Heehehehee! I have already packaged your oak. I am mailing it tomorrow. :)

Cécile Meraglia said...

Thank you for the comments about my work! I discovered your blog too and I also like how you assimilate the materials, colors and design.
Have a good day.

Perlenkatze said...

When I first saw the pictures of your last stitching,, the name Iland of love cam in my mind. It is very, very beautyfull.
I hope you had a splendit birthday

Marie S said...

Oh I think this just my be my favorite so far.
I love the heart and I adore the green netting.
I like the jewelry additions too, very nice touch.
Have a great week Jan!
Love and hugs.

Deborah said...

Oh BIG love!!! You have inspired me to make a crazy quilt curtain for my daughter's now empty room!!! ♥♥♥ I tried to comment last week and blogger was nutz and wouldn't let me :(
**blows kisses** Deb

Josh Healy said...

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Your doolybobers are works of art, as always an inspiration to me! I like to pick up old pieces of jewelry at garage sales etc that are nature related, especially bugs and butterflies, I have several that I hope to use. Wonderful work as usual.

Approachable Art said...

Oh my goodness, I love it!

4roomsandthemoon said...

I love this colorful work you do - and adding garage sale jewelry, and buttons sewn on the outside edges! So cool!

Lynn said...

Wow, wow, wow, some of my favorite colors, and I just love all the attention to detail, it is spectacular :)