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Monday, August 4, 2014

Family time

I've been enjoying lots of visits with my family this summer.
Nephew Nathan and his wife Becky and their 3 kids and 3 dogs came over.  They all enjoyed touring the yard while the dogs romped.

 Nathan's brother Justin and his wife Brittany also came with their dog. 

The dogs played and played and then they rested.  Mia took full advantage of the fact that we allow our dogs on the furniture.  Justin will have to retrain her after visiting Aunt Jan's!  It was funny because if Mia began to get too rough with Roscoe, Windy would step in and divert Mia.  Such a good big sister she is!!
It was good to see them all.  They might move out this way some day.  I'd like that.
 I gave Brittany this bracelet I made.  Looked good on her pretty arm.
We went to visit my cousins at their place near the beach at Pacific City, Oregon.  Most everyone camped on their property.
 Lots of cooking and telling stories around the campfire.  Plenty of dogs too, almost as many as there were people.
 Windy and Roscoe and I enjoyed walking in the old mossy spruce forest.
 Beautiful trails on the cousins property. 
Plenty of good eating too!
I used to call him Chainsaw man but maybe I should change Steve's name to the Chef because he sure seems to be the main cook at these events!  This is at my brother's.
Our next visit took us to my brother's where 4 of us siblings and our families spent a few days.  My nephew's are so athletic and spent hours jumping on the trampoline shooting hoops.
Of course then they needed their rest.  The little dog is Rosie.  She and Roscoe spent plenty of time playing too.
We managed to snap a group shot although not everyone got in it.  From left to right are Marshall (nephew), Debbie (my sister), Tyler (nephew), Beth (SIL),Rick (my eldest bro), me, Steve (my older bro whose home we were at), Robin (SIL), Dawson (nephew) and Riley (nephew) holding Debbie's dog Lucy.  I think there were 7 dogs altogether here.

So now I'm home again.  The hay got done in July and now we are beginning to put up veggies.  We canned 14 quarts of green beans from our garden yesterday.  The weather has been very summery, hot and dry.  The afternoons are spent being quiet.  I like hanging out in my studio then, it stays pretty cool in there.  
I hope you all are keeping safe and enjoying your summer, if indeed it is summer at your place.  Till next time,
Be well.


Linda Wildenstein said...

What a lovely gathering. So glad you had a great family time.
This is so strange, you are hot and dry and we are cool and wet.....what's going on here???? Did we switch places??????

april said...

Great pictures of you and your family! Love all the dogs! What great times and making memories. Beautiful scenery. Seeing your prayer flags below :( and then all your beautiful artwork. Yes, enjoying all my art endeavors this summer, but we had storm damage - new roof, drywall repair, etc. But thankful it wasn't worse! We're still here; very thankful. Have to get back and catch up with all you are doing and look back on your postings. Granddaughters coming in an hour!

april said...

Beautiful bracelet!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

Jan, you all looked relaxed and having a great visit. Even the dogs were happy! Nice post. Don't you just love summer gatherings!
xx, Carol

Cynthia Myers said...

Wow! It looks like you are having a great summer!
Nothing better than being with family and having fun surrounded by DOGS!
Love it!
and love that bracelet too!
Super cool!!

Robbie said...

What a wonderful time!!!! Family is so important as are our dogs!!! They are family too aren't they!!! Thanks for sharing with your readers a wonderful memory!

Patty said...

Love to see all those lovely places
and you and family in them! Roscoe
seems like a perfect fit into the

Corrine at said...

How did I miss this. I love how there are always a dog, or two or six in every photo...Nice family, nice chef....nice doggie sofa. xox

Robin said...

I love this peek into your family and your world!! Thanks for sharing!

Maggi said...

Looks like you had some really good family time. Your garden looks so colourful too. Stories round the campfire sounds great.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

What a wonderful summer you've had! I love that second portrait shot of your nephew and his wife and their dog.... Mia clearly posing to be part of her family! :) We allow our dog on the furniture too....
And your bracelet for Brittany is gorgeous!
Enjoy what's left of summer!