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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Progress is being made in a couple of areas.  Best of all, the progress between Charlie and Roscoe:
One might think such a large cat would have no fear in the first place of such a tiny dog but one would be wrong.  Charlie hid in the basement for more than two weeks after Roscoe arrived.  I finally began carrying Charlie into the house slowly when Roscoe was tired and calm.  The next thing I knew, Charlie followed me into the house on his own one evening and spent the night on the bed next to me and Roscoe and things have been just fine ever since.  Yay!!  It is so nice to have everyone getting along, no fears!

In the meantime, I have been stitching on my latest Ghost Dog series piece:
 This one represents the first dogs I had after moving out of my parents home.  Bilbo was part Collie, part German Shepherd and probably the smartest dog I have ever had.  Then I got Heidi and Gandalf, brother and sister, part Dachshund, part Beagle.  Oh I loved those dogs!  They were with me through many transitions in my life and all are buried here on this property.
I rummaged around in my "jewelry" box and found Bilbo's dog tag so I put that on there.  I also found some puppy teeth which you can see in the first photo, they are glued on the strip of red fabric.  I'm still putting some finishing touches on this, and when it is finished I'll hang it on the wall outside the studio.
Here is the studio wall so far.  I hung the small colorful quilt up there today.  I've had others up there before but only for a day or two at a time because I didn't want them to become weathered and faded.  This one I plan to leave in place.  Why not?  It has been aging in a box for years.  It is kind of a weird experiment that didn't really turn out that great, so now its colorfulness will slowly fade in the sun but I rather like it up there.  My other pieces of the Ghost Dog series are hanging to the far right of the door.

Just a quick post for today.  I wanted to share my excitement about Charlie and Roscoe.  Hope you all had a great Summer Solstice.  On that day I went to the wedding reception of my longest term friend, Larry.  We have been friends for 43 years!  Sheesh!  I really like his new wife and am glad I was able to attend this event.  Forgot my camera though dang it.  It was a grand way to celebrate the solstice.

Till next time, be well.


Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

How cosy and welcoming your studio looks. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to leave my artwork outside to weather - but then, maybe we get 'more weather' here in the UK than you do, in the summer months at least! I can't grumble today though - the weather is beautiful.

Congratulations on the progress with Charlie and Roscoe. And a Happy Solstice to you!

Tanya said...

Now that is a BIG cat! How nice that Charlie decided to be amiable. It is wonderful when animals all get along together!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I am continually amazed watching how animals interact with each other.

When Laurie was little her cat, Kitty Cat, and her dog, Porkie, would play hide and seek in a line of shrubs in our yard. They were the best of friends.

Love your studio and thanks for showing more of your ghost dog series.

Patty said...

Bilbo looks like he could have been
my old Big Dog's brother!

I'm glad all creatures are living in peace again at your house.
An unhappy cat makes for an unhappy house!

Corrine at said...

So glad the fur kids are getting along...Love the studio wall, looks like a nice place to sit outside and hang out...Your dog quilts are so perfect. What a keepsake. The only thing I will really regret about moving is that some of our critters are laid to rest here too and that makes me sad. xox

Linda Wildenstein said...

Such a happy transition for you and your fur babies. Happy for Charlie and I'm sure Roscoe is grateful for the new friend in his life too.
I just love your work on the ghost dog project. It has inspired me to pull out my albums, select a photo and perhaps I will bore everyone with stories of my past (and forever) love stories of my animals. It is working it's way into my "to be dones".
You are such an inspiration and always a joy to read of your adventures in this wonderful life. xoxo OMa Linda

Maggi said...

That is such good news about Charlie. He really does look as though he's accepted Roscoe now.

What a lovely piece and fancy still having Bilbo's dog tag. A real coincidence that we have a rescue dog at the Ark who is a Collie/Shepherd cross and is named Bilbo. He is a beautiful dog and very loving but is having problems finding a home as he is very dog reactive.

Judy Ziegler said...

Ghost dogs, I love it! And happy for Charlie & Roscoe!

Cynthia Myers said...

I can not believe you know where these things are! I mean, I save things but then I can never find them. It's truly amazing and very cool.
I love Ghost dogs!
and I like that you are going to let them weather.
My dogs are like that with my cats. They chase whoever runs and when whatever cat that may be learns not to run, then they are friends.
Great post!

Nancy said...

Patience paid off and now it's the peaceable kingdom, as it should be! Good job. I like your tibute piece, and the studio photo is sooo inviting! Watching the piece weather will be a journey of its own. Kind of like the prayer flags that spend time outdoors until they're done! Good post.

Anni - My Creative Life said...

Jan so lovely and welcoming your studio is and the collages with images of your dogs are wonderful, what a great way to remember them on Anni