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Thursday, June 13, 2013

What have you been up to?

I've been busy in the yard and garden lately so haven't been on the computer much.  I'm also participating in the 21 Secrets on line art journaling workshops and enjoying those very much.  Above you can see a piece I did following the Kate Crane class.  Fun!

I've been creating cards, lots of birthdays this month.

The above one I sent to my brother.  It shows a picture of our grandfather and a copy of a registration certificate I found in Grandpa's papers, showing his immigration from Bulgaria to the USA.

Three headed llama?

Following Ro Bruhn's workshop in 21 Secrets, I created these flower drawings on the inside of old envelopes that have the security design inside.

I then cut the flowers out and glued them on these card fronts.

This card was inspired by reading Blue Eyed Girl blog.  I love her blues!

I used some bird prints from napkins on this little piece.  They become rather transparent when glued down to a substrate.

Playing with my gelli plate and following the instructions on the gelli blog, I made these tape transfers.  I will turn them into book marks.  Maybe.

close up of the book mark tape transfer.

Here is a spread from my art journal that I was rather happy with.  I used some colored molding paste through a stencil for the flower shapes.  Created the birds on other paper and then cut them out, glued them down. 

Yesterday I finally began doing the quilting on the king size quilt that has been patiently waiting for me.  I listened to the Joni Mitchell interview while working, helped the time pass.  If you are a Joni fan, I highly recommend this interview although I'll warn you, it is rather long. 

Lastly, here is a recent picture of my old boy Tonka.  He is rapidly failing so this might be his last opportunity to make it live onto my blog.  Poor old fella, he is 18 so has had a good run.  Isn't he pretty?  He's got the softest fur.  And the most horrific breath!  But I love him and will miss his dunder headed ways.

Well that is a taste of what I have been up to lately.  It is raining here in Oregon today so it will be another good day to spend in the studio.  I hope you all are enjoying this transition to summer.  Such long daylight hours now!  I love it.

Be well.
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Deborah said...

OMGoodness!!! Look at all this beauty you have been creating! I LOVE all of the cards, especially the one you sent to your brother! What an amazing idea. You have inspired me.

Oh Tonka. Why can't dogs live forever...or at least as long as we do.

**blows kisses**

Karen S said...

LOVE Love LOVE this charming work you're doing. The chickens and the llama are great and I love the flowers.

So sad about Tonka -- he's had a good run (pun not intended) -- but it makes me sad that they grace our lives for such a short time. Sending happy and good thoughts your way...

Corrine at said...

Wow you have been hiding your prolific self up there in the woods. I love your chickens the the 3 headed llama. Sorry to hear about Tonka, but 18 is an incredible age to be for a dog. What a marvelous life he has lived and what stories he has to tell. I see big Philo aging at 12 and really notice that downhill progression. We just love em so much don't we? xox

Linda Wildenstein said...

Jan I love the arting you have been doing. I especially love your 3 headed llama. What a wonder that your beloved Tonka has had such a very long life. They will always be with us but it sure is hard to face their earthly departure.
Blessings and smiles, Oma Linda

nacherluver said...

Boy have you been busy! What gorgeous creations! So much beautiful color. I don't even know how to pic a favorite so I'll have to favorite them all.

Blessings to Tonka. A wonderful friend indeed.

Janice / Dancing with Sunflowers said...

What a glorious riot of colour and creativity!

Lorraine said...

great colours on these pages

Maggi said...

You have been busy and your 21 Secrets class seems to be paying dividends. I love your Kate Crane chickens. The cards you are making are just great.
Give the lovely Tonka a stroke from me.

Judy Ziegler said...

You do such cool stuff - I Love your art!

Marilyn Rock said...

You sure have been busy and beautifully so! Love all of your art here. Thanks for sharing the picture of your Tonka!

Laura said...

Wonderfully Creative and hearts reaching out for Tonka.

Cynthia Myers said...

How did I miss this post?!
I was stopping by to thank you for your comment and discovered this beautiful colorful post!
You have been so busy creating such awesome Art!
God, I love that photo of your Tonka.
18? Wow, that's amazing, still...I understand that it's not long enough.
I hope he's still doing well.
xoxo - Cindi

april said...

Love seeing everything you are making! Everything's wonderful! So colorful and fun! Hugs to Tonka.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love this post chock full of
goodness and bright color
....that quote from dances with wolves is beautiful to the bone
and has always touched me.
your beautiful old boy touches my
doggie-loving heart, too.
grace to you, dearheart, as you enjoy his last days,