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Friday, March 29, 2013

Book confession

I must confess, I have a book collection that might be getting out of hand. 

These are the books in my bedroom, on my head board.

Here is one of the shelf units holding some of my collection of beading magazines.

These are on my bedside table, the ones I'm reading or plan to read soon.  I'm currently reading A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin.  I'm also reading Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and really want to dive into Pukka's Promise by Ted Kerasote.  I loved Merle's Door by him. I believe Pukka's Promise is the only book on this table that I bought brand new.

Most of my books I buy at garage sales and thrift stores.  Here is another book case in the bedroom, along with a few photos and my Oz clock I got from Linda at Olde Baggs and Stuft shirts blog.  Still ticking away!

This is the lower half of the same book case.  Barney guards this one.

Random pile in a corner.  I also get a lot of books in trade through Paperbackswap.  If you enjoy books you might want to check them out.  You can trade books for free other than postage.

This is one of the cases in the library.  I also have 4 shelves of some of my CD's and at the bottom you can see the ragged tops of some of my vinyl albums.  The cats liked using them as a scratch post unfortunately.

Another library case.  Many of these shelves have a second row behind the first, hidden gems.

More library cases.  
About 18 years ago I helped my Dad move and he couldn't take all his books.  It was really hard for him to choose which ones to keep.  I took the ones he didn't want.  I didn't keep them all!  Heavens no!  Most of them I took to Powell's City of Books used bookstore and they bought quite a few of them.   I shared them with friends and family and kept a lot including that set of History of Civilization you can see on the bottom shelf if you care to.  Maybe I will actually read them some day, one never knows.

The last few boxes I donated to a book sale fund raiser for a public radio station.  I got a tax deduction certificate and gave it to Dad.  They estimated the value of those remaining boxes at $400.00.  I know I got about $200 credit at Powell's.  Dad told me to keep it for my effort.
Here is the final shelf unit.  Hummm, it looks as though it may be slightly bowed in the middle.  Anyway, back to my story about Dad's books.  I swore then that I wouldn't keep getting more book cases but instead would get rid of books when I needed more room for the new ones.   I've mostly stuck to that promise, getting around it by double shelving and the random piles in corners.  I'm not even showing you the shelves in the studio with my art books and more CD's.  
So now my question to you is, do you consider me a hoarder?  I don't.  I consider myself more of a bibliophile.  
Funny, as I have written this blog post, I'm listening to Pandora radio and twice songs have mentioned books! 
By the way, in case you haven't guessed, I don't own a Kindle or any other e-reader device.

Happy Spring to you all!  I know too many of you have scenes like the one above.  I took that in my yard on the first day of spring.  Poor little daffodils!  

Now, this is one I took today.  That's more like it!  I hope this will be your view too, if it isn't already, where ever you all.  While you are shoveling snow, I'm mowing the grass.  I just love Oregon!

Be well.
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Linda Wildenstein said...

There is no such thing as too many books....
I love that you too love, love, love's healthy and kewl. Or so I tell myself as I buy yet more.
Hey, I like the clock.....;).
Oma Linda

Tanya said...

Wow! You have a powerful book collection! How I would like to get lost in your house for a couple of years!

Susan said...

oh my! My night stand is piled high, but you have me beaten in every other category. I have a great public library a short bike ride away.

Glenn Stenson said...

You are quiet and gentle as a librarian. Won't be too long before you receive just one more book.....Mine!

audrey said...

Oh, Jan, so happy to see these photos. I have a zillion books, too. I believe I did a post about all my books once and it looked a lot like your house. I love each and every one of them! No ereaders for me either. I like the feel and smell of a REAL book. The only time it is bad having so many books is when you have to move. I have packed these books more times than I care to think about ~ boxes and boxes and boxes of them. AND they are heavy. But, I would do it all over again if I had to move one more time. Our books are treasures!!
Love your pictures, Jan.
audrey xo

Uta said...

Do you want to know what's weird about your post??? I was just looking through the photos I took of your place last year. I came across one that I took inside and I thought to myself, gee Jan has a lot of books. And that was without knowing you had another stash in the bedroom hehehe. I love books too and feel sad that they are becoming outdated. You must keep a special place for Cabin 108. It will be born real soon!!!

April said...

I've never known a person who enjoys books as much as you do, Jan! More power to you! You are definitely a 'well-read' girl! So glad that I can come to you when I need directions are my 'go-to-girl!'

Corrine at said...

Hmmm, those book shelves look like mine. I have begun packing up books to give to Got Books - don't know if you have them out there but they sell them and raise money for local schools. I have 4 boxes already and probably at least another 4 to go....I want to lighten the load....Nice to see some blooming flowers. We have some snow drops and the crocuses are just starting to peek out of the ground.....nice Easter weekend ahead. xox

Heloise said...

Happy Easter to you too. I have been culling my books, but I am not quite in the same league as you. I was given a Kindle but do not use it, love holding a book.
We had some sun today.

Robbie said...

Whew! I've given away most of my get them free from the library & have to return them!! I do have a stash of fiber art/bead books so I guess that makes up for the 'reading books' I don't buy anymore!!! Read the Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls too. Heavy books but good. And I don't think you're a hoarder...just a person who appreciates a good book in their hands (oh, I do listen to books via my Ipod while I sew or clean!).

Cynthia Myers said...

How strange that you are writing about books and on the same day I am moving most of mine to the porch. This post makes me feel better! Ha! Ha! I THOUGHT I had a lot but it's nothing compared to you! :)
No, you are much too neat to be a hoarder. And if having them makes you happy then you should keep them. I myself am "trying" to get rid of a few things and it is HARD to do!
:) - Cindi

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

When I started reading, I thought "you can't have more than me"...You Do!

Nothing wrong with having books. Soon as you get rid of one, you wish you had it back.
Happy Easter

nacherluver said...

You have given me a bad case of book envy!

yoborobo said...

I love that you have all those books. We have several bookcases, but not many as we used to. I've just kept the books that I think we'll read again, or ones that were special to my own kids. The others I donated to the library. I think a Kindle is in my immediate future. :) xox

Maggi said...

I didn't think it possible but I actually think that you may have more books than I do! There is nothing like having a real book in your hand. Good to see that the signs of Spring are with you.

maddyrose said...

There are mostly paperback books in my collection and a while back I decided to make a data base of my books and discovered I have enough to open a used book store or library. Between the two of us we could have a book store that would make Powell's look pitiful. I wish I had room for library cases so I wouldn't have to keep my books in storage containers. Have fun reading. I don't have a Kindle or Nook either.

april said...

What better collection to have than a collection of books! One of my favorites too!!! And you have been busy as I see below! You have posted a ton since I was here last - have to take my time and look at all your beautiful creations! Still treasure my "little book".

Elena said...

I didn't see any of this when I was there! I love books but have cut down my collection to a very few. Would love to see all your shelves in one room with a big comfy reading chair smack dab in the middle. I'd never leave...

Judy Ziegler said...

Can one ever have too many books? My only concern, being from CA, is books on your headboard. I grew up hearing that you should never have anything above your head in your bed
in case of an earthquake. Funny how some things stay with you forever.
Thanks for the compliment on my latest blog!

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

So glad to see you posting again, Jan. I never realized you had soooooo many books! I see them in your living area, but guess I never realized how many. Your Indian name is Many Books :>))

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love mean books aren't furniture?
there is just something about them
that makes my heart smile.
i love recycling them into my art, too.
a book is a treasure, me thinks.
glad you do too:)

Emma said...

Oh there is nothing like a row or 2 of good books, I hope I never have to use a kindle unless there's a dire reason. There's hardly a room in the house without books but I do try to cull to the charity shop regularly. I would love to see the ones in your studio as long as I could read the titles & say 'I've got that one!' It's most certainly a beautiful collection not a hoard ;)

Laura said...

This is a very late response!

You are definitely NOT a hoarder. One of the definitions says that hoarders aren't really able to organize their stuff, because it's gotten out of hand, so it's generally jumbled together in piles. If you organize it, you're a collector. And if you can access your collection so you can USE it, you're definitely not a hoarder!

I think we are about even on books, so of course I would say that. ;-)

But seriously, I am reading a book called Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things (from the library!), and I'm learning a lot about hoarders. I consider myself a reformed hoarder, but I walk the borderline. I have piles of empty containers that limit my access to the shelves behind, for instance. I find cool containers and handy shipping boxes nearly irresistible, but I do also use them. I used to have lots and lots of piles.

Empty containers is one category frequently hoarded. Pets is another. I have only two pets, unless you count the spiders in the studio!