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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer waning

Dragonfly on lettuce.

Bumble bee on thistle.

Ground squirrel in Nasturtiums. 
Sunset over the Columbia river.

Summer is nearing its end.  Still having warm dry weather but, like this sunset, the summer is dimming down.
Time to start bringing the wood in.

Nothing Chainsaw man likes better than cutting firewood.  Lots of wood to keep us warm in the winter.

Stacks and piles of wood make me warm and rich feeling.  Having a big wood pile is like having money in the bank, very satisfying.

This is what will be going on here soon, burning those piles of wood.  I hope not for awhile yet, summer only just got here in this neck of the woods.

Be well.

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Tanya said...

Such beautiful pictures!!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

That's alot of oak my friend. Chainsaw man looks pretty dedicated. You will be toasty. We need to get some more split. We have a couple cords, need a couple more....temps are dropping here too! xox Corrine

Patty said...

I love the hot and cool colors in your photos here, quite literally in
the last photo! May I ask what camera you use?

yoborobo said...

That is a LOT of wood. You will be toasty warm this winter (which I do hope holds off for awhile so we can all recover from spring and summer!!). Lovely pic! xox Pam

Linda in New Mexico said...

Lovely photos. Lots a wood. I do so hope you have some warmish days to enjoy before the cold really does come a calling.

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

I love seeing your pictures here today. A lovely mixture of the life that surrounds you there at home.
I think I saw that you will be having some warm temps up your way today!!
We had a scare on the weekend with a Tornado touching down in our town, not too far from where we live. My sons in New Jersey are having to deal with all the flooding problems. My youngest sons house basement was flooded.
Friend as well near the NY border have a big mess with all the flooding with roads out as well.

Take care and enjoy your day!!

Hugs and Smiles,


maddyrose said...

I guess we do have to start getting ready for winter but I'm not relishing the thought. I'm hoping we've got more of this weather coming our way. We are just now picking tomatoes and peppers and other goodies from the garden and I'm going to be drying herbs this week. I haven't wanted to do much work in the herb garden because I haven't wanted to disturb the bees. We've had hundreds of bees this year. They really like the oregano. There are so many things to do to get ready for winter and I don't feel much like doing anything except sit around and be lazy and enjoy this wonderful time of year. The photos are wonderful by the way. Have a wonderful day.

Anja said...

Dear Jan,

thank you for your late summer impressions, every foto was telling its story. I love very much the squirels on that foto one can also see what nice flowers are in your garden. Bumbles like thistle very much it remembers me a similar foto from last year I took in my garden. Dragonsflies we have very seldom this one never saw how red it is. Looks very romanitc the late evening look over your river. The feeling you have towards the full wood stocks would I also share with you looks great to have such a big stock, Steve was very hard working. We also once thought about having heat by open fire in our house, but then we decided to insulate the whole house so it can hold better the heat, here wood costs also a lot. So I wish you some more dry sunny days!!
Alles Liebe

Glenn Stenson said...

You have more wood than my house. Superb photographs. But then, I love all the pictures you've shared. Never enough!

April said...

Jan, I love your magenta dragonfly. I've never seen one like that! So cool! And your bumble bee on the thistle is striking, too! Where did you take the sunset photo?

Maggi said...

Love the pictures Jan. It certainly looks as though you are going to be warm and snug this winter. Let's hope that you won't be using that wood pile for a while yet.

Robin said...

Such beautiful photos!!! I really get the feeling of being on the cusp of fall!!

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

Jan, you need to journal some of your pics. You take some great ones! Doesn't seem possible it is time for burning wood right around the corner! Have a great day my friend.

Mary Fox of Fox On The Run said...

PS...I love the header with all your bead hearts you made. They are absolutely beautiful! Mine is there, too :>))

Robin said...

Those beaded hearts are incredible!! You made all those?!?!

Elena said...

OMG!!! Can I move in w/ you? I'll be very quiet and do chores and everything. Oh it's breathtaking and your pictures and words so vivid and with the cool song in the background I felt like I could hear the insects, smell the wood, and that glorious sunset. Ahhhh....

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

Just wanted to stop by again and say hello!

I love looking at your pictures. I love the sunset picture on the lake.
I think it would be wonderful if you made some cards with your pictures. I know I would buy a few from you!! :)

Hugs and Smiles,