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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Birds

Parent gray jay, eating cat kibble out of my hand.

Baby gray jay, eating cat kibble out of my hand.

Black Headed Grosbeak and House Finch

Black Headed Gorgeous Grosbeak

House finches (Purple Finches?) male and female

Finches at the feeder

Red Wing Blackbirds

Evening Grosbeaks and Red Wing Blackbirds

Douglas Squirrel, hummingbird, and fish

Pileated Woodpecker.

All captured in my yard.  Captured with the camera lens, that is.

Be well.
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Beadwright said...

Very nice shots of the birds. I just love grosbeaks. I haven't seen any here around Florence but had lots in N Idaho.

Lisa Criswell / Indigo's Beads said...

omg! they come eat right out of your hand!? that's amazing. all i get in my yard are lizards and pigeons. ick. how lucky that you have such beautiful creatures to watch all the time.

Marlene said...

Hi Jan, love the birds we have the same ones except for the redwing blackbirds, have not seen any around here. Daisy is doing great but keeping me busy watching her so I am not at the computer much.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

What beautiful photos!!! Jan, you are so lucky to have all those birds so very very close to you! (and the fat squirrel too I suppose...LOL! maybe he thinks he's a bird....)
The post is glorious!
A lovely way to start the day!


Anja said...

While looking at your fotos, I would like to come at once to your place. Here never a bird would fly at your hand. What a nice foto and that you had your camera at your other hand to share this nice moment with us. Your place is beautiful!!

maddyrose said...

I love this post and the photos. Having the birds eating out of your hand is priceless. You're really good with the camera to get such clear photos. Thanks for sharing.

audrey said...

Jan, these are priceless photos. The birds apparently know you well. I had hoped to feed a few from my hand, but I haven't taken the time to sit and coax.
I've saved them from squirrels, crows, and mockingbirds * gave them a home * made sure they have shelter, food, and water - you would think they would be grateful and perch on my hand to thank me. hahaha Wouldn't you love to know what goes through their tiny little minds?
They seem to be part of your family. You have a wonderful mix of birds that come to feed. Aren't they fun to watch? I get a lot of enjoyment watching them through my window. It has been SO hot here, even the birds are not very active.
Don't fall out of your chair, Jan, when you read the next sentence. I've been working on a mixed media painting the past couple of evenings. I'll post it when I finish. (:
♥ audrey

sjmcdowell said...

Hi Jan,

What a delight to see these lovely little birds feed from your hand!!
They are such beautiful creatures.
I have a birdfeeder for song birds but I think I have song squirells instead!!! Need to devise another plan to feed my poor birdies!!

Sent you an email back the other day..did you see it yet?

Hugs and birdie songs,


Robbie said...

What a great nature post!!! Love the birds (& squirrel too!). How did you get them to eat out of your hand! Amazing and such a wonder!

Carol said...

We spend so much time watching the birds around here! Several times my husband has had a Chickadee land on him while we sat on the deck, but never eaten from his hand.

Great Post!!

Marie S said...

I love this. We are going to start calling you the bird whisperer!
Amazing, really amazing.

yoborobo said...

You're the Bird Lady! Look at that. :) We have lots of birds at our feeders, and squirrels, chipmunks and raccoons, too. I just feed whoever shows up - lol! Beautiful pics! xo

April said...

Beautiful pictures, Jan! Don't you just love all your birds? You're a good provider for them, too! But I think they're gonna eat you out of house and home! :~D

Tanya said...

That is so neat! I wish the birds would come into my yard. I'm close enough to the forest but I think all the cats and the noisy dog keep them away. I have to make due with seeing hummingbirds when I'm at my mother's in California.

Glenn said...

It's been 50 years, but your bird in hand pictures remind of my brother's pet parakeet. He could let it roam outside in the tall pines and call it back to him on demand. Thank you for bringing back some good memories of simpler times.

Karen S said...

These are great! My mother used to be able to get close to birds -- I wish I had pictures. But since I don't, thank you for posting these. That Grosbeak and the hummingbird are amazing! OK -- they all are.

Marie S said...

Hey Bird whisperer, have a great week!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wow, great bird shots. I love the grosbeaks, they are so special. Oilseed woodpeckers are everywhere here too, they are quite something. xox Corrine

Maggi said...

That is amazing Jan that they trust you like that. They obviously appreciate what you are doing for them. Beautiful photos.

Martha Bright said...

So cool, Jan!! How did you get the jays to eat from your hand? I know jays are bold birds, but I've never seen that. I have seen pictures of hummingbirds drinking nectar from a person's palm. Messy, and must tickle. You should try that next.

Living in the woods gives you access to so many species of birds. I see and hear them mostly on my runs--not too many in the farm fields, except goldfinches and blackbirds, and stupid starlings...

Emma said...

Wow, that purple finch has some color & i love the red wings, too. We have 2 of the neighbors wild ducks eating out of our hands but they've stopped coming by now, probably hatched.