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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Laughing Dog

Let me tell you a little secret: This is my first blog post on my own blog. After posting once or twice on friends blogs I realized how simple it is to start one and after being urged by those friends to do so, well, I have finally succumbed to the temptation. I can’t imagine that anyone would want to read it but I decided to create one for my own pleasure. I will use it as a personal journal to record my journey as an artist and a human. I guess it won’t be very personal if anyone in the world can look at it, but I won’t be writing or showing anything terribly private.
So, what photo should I include with this first posting? A recent piece of art I have created? A nature photograph? My Laughing Dog? Yes, I believe I will post a Laughing Dog photo, since this is where my name comes from. I love all dogs, big and small, but have really given my heart to the bully breeds, Pit Bulls in particular. I have raised five of them but only have one right now. The dog I named my studio for passed on a year ago and I miss him badly. I still have his brother, Rocky. Pit Bulls have the biggest grins of just about any dog out there, and this photo sums up my dog’s personalities very well.
I hope to keep this mainly as an art and nature journal and not take it too seriously. If you would like to peek into my journey now and then, you are most welcome.
The photo is of Sierra, my Laughing Dog. He was a boy, btw. I named him Sierra because of his color.
Today is the last day of 2009, a good day to start a blog, don’t you think?
Be well.
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audrey said...

Hi Jan!!
Welcome to the world of Blogging. I just know you are going to enjoy it and love it. I think every one of us started our blogs with apprehension.... but time has a way of setting us free.
I look forward to visiting you and seeing what you are up to creatively and in whatever other way you choose to use your blog.
Thank you for visiting mine and I welcome you as a follower.
Happy New Year, Jan!

Jan said...

Hello Audrey! Thanks for leaving my first comment and welcome as my very first follower! I hope to get to know you through your blog. Best wishes to you.

Martha Bright said...

You never mentioned you were starting a blog! But I found you out. I hope you end up with more readers than I have. I think you already do! But even if there aren't many people reading, I find it satisfying to have this record of my "public-personal" views, as opposed to the "private-personal" stuff that is in my handwritten journal. It's interesting to look at the two on any given day--to see how I felt and how that came out in my blog.

Karen said...

I had to laugh when I saw the laughing dog photo. As you know I too love dogs and especially pit bulls having owned two very special ones,Brodie and Snug. No longer with me but forever in my heart and mind. That was one of the reasons I was so happy to meet Sierra and Rocky and You!

gypsylulu said...

Awww, Jan...congratulations on starting your blog! wonderful...I have just learned of it thru Annes blog!
Your photos are just great...i started with the current blog, worked my way back to your beginning here!...I enjoyed every bit of it!..
your art work is nice that we can share in it now!...keep it up, my friend!
xoxo, gypsy